Thursday, September 8, 2011

Janet Lane Walters' Henge Betrayed Series

My latest release is The Henge Betrayed -- Quests. This is the third book in the Henge Betrayed series.

Though the now nine friends have found a refuge, as they begin to learn how to use their talents, they realize there are other things needed before they can confront the evil in their land.

The nine divide into three groups.

The first group sets out to find more of the gems that enhance their affinities for the elements. The three must face fears from the past and evade the dom's minions.

The second group sets out to find the remaining talismans and are led to the buried henge in Soutren. They must find a way into the structure beneath the desert sands and fight the vermin they find there.

The third group set out to find the remaining young adults with affinities to complete four quartets. During the search, they discover three of the heirs of the princedoms and stage rescues.

Will they succeed in their quests or will they fall prey to the evil Dom Senet and He Who Walks With Evil?

Since this is the third book of the series I'll tell you a little bit about the other books in the series.

Flight is the first and introduces some of the main characters who are based on my grandchildren in part.

"We’ve been betrayed." Those words spoken by the Dom and Doma of the Wesren henge awaken their four children—two sets of male-female twins.

Each child has an affinity for one of the four elements—earth, air, fire and earth. In secret, the young teens flee their home to seek a place of safety and teachers to hone their control. They use their emerging talents in ways they never imagined.

Will their quest succeed or will they become pawns of He Who Walks In Darkness?

Refuge is the second book.

The adventure begun in Flight continues. Ash, Bran, Ky, and Jay, led by the mysterious birds they believe are their parents, find refuge with a doma while they await the arrival of their friend, Zand.

The doma plans to take them to safety in the highlands but news of the capture of two friends by "He who walks with evil" sends them on a rescue mission.

They soon realize their powers are not strong enough to defeat the evil dom, but they must find a way to succeed, or risk seeing their friends corrupted forever.

There will be a fourth book in the future called Confrontations.


Anne K. Albert said...

Love the details of this series, Janet. Thanks for sharing!

JL Walters said...

Anne, This is a great series. Atleast my grandchildren think so.

Taryn Kincaid said...

And why wouldn't they think so!

You go, Janet!

JL Walters said...

Anne and Taryn thanks for stopping by

Anonymous said...

Really intriguing plot idea for this Series; love it!

hugs, Kari Thomas,

marybelle said...

I am new to this series. It looks wonderful.