Thursday, September 1, 2011

Meet Author of the Month Janet Lane Walters

Thanks for joining me this month, Janet.  I hope you enjoy the experience.  We look forward to learning more about you and your works.  Let's begin with Janet's Q&A, followed by her Bio.

[Anne] Name one of your favorite books as a child.

[Janet] As a child I was a early reader and soon went through the children's section of the library. The first book that made an impression on me was Anna Karenina. I read this in third grade and still have problems with wanting to change the ending. Her death was so senseless.

[Anne] Do you have a favorite author?

[Janet] Problem is that I have too many favorite authors. I enjoy Dick Francis, Tony Hillerman, Jane Austin, Jo Beverly, Mary Jo Putney, Mercedes Lackey, Andre Norton, Marian Zimmer Bradley, Jane Toombs, Ann McCaffrey, James Rollins and those are just a few.

[Anne] Out of all the books you’ve read, which one comes immediately to your mind? If there is a favorite scene you remember, please share.

[Janet] Someone asked the same question the other day and it was The Rake by Mary Jo Putney. Couldn't pick a particular scene because in the number of times I've re-read this book, it's sort of become a gestalt.

[Anne] Your favorite vacation spot (whether you have been there or not)?

[Janet] Because four of my grandchildren live in Palm Beach, Fl. this is my favorite place to vacation. Don't see them often enough. If it was a dream trip it would be Egypt and the Valley of the Kings.

[Anne] Which would you rather have: A custom closet or a custom kitchen?

[Janet] A custom kitchen. I enjoy cooking, especially baking.

[Anne] It’s Saturday afternoon and you’re home alone. What are you wearing? And yes, you must have clothes on.

[Janet] Saturday and the clothes are much like every other day. Slacks and a tee shirt, socks and no shoes. Except in the winter when it's a sweatshirt and slippers.

[Anne] What’s your favorite dish?

[Janet] Depends on the season as to what I enjoy but I'd say chicken fajitas most of the time along with a nice salad.

[Anne] Other than writing, what do you enjoy doing?

[Janet] Spending time with my grandchildren, now have seven, reading and listening to classical music.

[Anne] You’ve just landed a multi-book contract with a major publisher! Which vehicle would we be more likely to see you driving after you’ve collected your huge advance: a Hummer, RV, truck, muscle car, or BMW?

[Janet] None of the above I'll stick to my Prius not into cars that tear up the roads or the environment.

[Anne] What’s your favorite television show? Movie?

[Janet] Not a movie person. The last one I saw was the last segment of The Lord of the Rings. Now television is another matter. Love all the crime shows and watch for about 2 hours every night. Maybe this year Covert Affairs was preferred for summer. Love Criminal Minds in the winter.

[Anne] You’ve won a talent show! What act did you perform?

[Janet] At my age I wouldn't be doing much in the talent area but years ago a friend and I were a dance team in high school and performed for several years.

[Anne] Would you rather have the power to be invisible or be able to fly, and why?

[Janet] I think I would rather fly since then I could go the places I want to go with little trouble and not have to worry about my new knees setting off the alarms and being patted down.

[Anne] What was one of the most surprising things you learned during your journey to publication?

[Janet] Learning to stretch my imagination and being able to write things I never thought I could. Sweet nurse romances were my beginning but I soon learned how to move into other genres.

[Anne] What was the most interesting research you did for a book?

[Janet] Most of my research has been from reading books and using the internet. I would imagine the most interesting was talking to a forensic psychiatrist while writing "Obsession." He kept me on target with the villain.

[Anne] Where do you go when you need to get inspired to write?

[Janet] Finding inspiration isn't hard. All I need is paper, pen and my recliner and I'm good to go.

[Anne] Do you have any writing quirks?

[Janet] Quirks, not really but I must have a fine line pen and college ruled paper. Guess that might be considered strange by those who compose on the computer.

[Anne] What do you think makes a good story?

[Janet] For me a good story must have both a plot and the characters that fit the story. I also like the background, any information and descriptions woven in bit by bit rather than huge lumps.

[Anne] What are you working on now?

[Janet] At present, I'm working on a story called The Chosen of Horu, part of a trilogy using an alternate ancient Egypt. The Warrior of Bast was the first and there will be a third one of these days. I really love exploring Egypt and deciding what to change about the culture. One was giving three gods Bast, Horu and Toth, rather than the plethora found there. Another was getting camels there thousands of years before they appeared.

[Anne] What's one of the more interesting experiences you've had with one of your readers?

[Janet] Probably one of the most interesting was at a book signing when a woman asked me for the titles of every book I'd written with nurses in them. She was a nurse and collected novels about nurses. She brought several of mine written in the 1970s to be autographed. This was in 1996.

Anne] Complete this scene: It was raining. The man came out of nowhere, and before I knew it....

he gasped and fell at my feet. I knelt and saw the blood. Who had done this? I looked around to see if anyone approached. Carefully I examined the wounds and did what I could to stop the bleeding. "Let me call for help."

"No. Help me." With those words he fell into unconsciousness.

I struggled to get him into my car. As I drove away I wondered who he was and what danger I had stepped into.

Janet's Bio-

From the publication of her first short story in 1968, Janet Lane Walter was bitten by the writing bug. Then one day one of her short stories was returned with a note from the editor. "This sounds like the synopsis for a novel." She set out to learn the rudiments of novel writing. Thirty five or so novels later, she's still as her granddaughter once said " Grandma's making words." Janet took some time out to pursue her alternate career -- Nursing and worked until her four children finished their education. Also during those hectic years she earned a BA in English and a BS in Nursing. She's the proud grandmother of seven ranging in age from 3 to 23. She lives in the scenic Hudson River Valley with her husband of 52 years. He's a psychiatrist and refuses to cure her obsession with writing. Janet's reading and writing habits are eclectic. She's published in romance, from sweet to sensual, from contemporary to fantasy and alternate world stories. She's also written cozy mysteries, suspense and fantasy for YA and adults. Several non-fiction books are on her shelf, one an EPIC aware winner written with her friend Jane Toombs. She's a member of EPIC, Broad Universe and RWA.

Don't really have a web site. Usually send the curious to Jewels of the Quill, Dame Amber but I do have an active blog.


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