Friday, September 9, 2011

A Familiar Evil in COTT's Tournament of Champions

In August A Familiar Evil won Clash of the Titles and it will soon go up against sixteen previous COTT champs in eight different mini-Clashes over a four week period. Only ONE will take home The Laurel Award.  The first annual Tournament of Champions will take place October 10-November 4, 2011.  I can't tell you when my excerpt will be posted during the tournament because I don't know.  It's top secret!  So be sure to visit every Monday and Wednesday during the tournament to vote for the best excerpt.  There will be games and prizes throughout the tournament with all sorts of prizes.  The Grand Prize will be 17 Novels!  For complete details and a list of the prizes please visit here:

In other news -
I got a sneak peak at my cover for Renegade Hearts and it's going to be awesome!  What's so special about this one you may be wondering.  Well...because of the handsome dark-haired model chosen to portray my hero.  I'm sure you will probably recognize him even with his shirt on if you've read very many romance novels :).  No it's not Fabio.  It's Jimmy Thomas!  That's right, Mr. Romance himself, the man who has graced countless covers posed as everything from a spy to a knight and IMHO just as good, if not better, than Fabio.  I've been wanting a Jimmy Thomas cover forever and now, thanks to Jenifer Ranieri and Desert Breeze Publishing, I'm getting one.  I will be posting the masterpiece as soon as I receive the final version, which will be very soon I hope.  In the meantime feast your eyes on the cover of his calendar.