Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Kate Kindle's Angel's Requiem

Kate's Bio
Kate Kindle lives in Northern New Jersey has been an online journalist and print journalist as well as a teacher while raising her four children. Now that they are grown, she and her husband travel a bit as well as take advantage of the cultural life in New York City. Her historical mystery/thriller, Angel's Requiem, has been on since April, 2010. In April of this year, it came out in print. In addition to her mystery, Kate has been one of the proud contributing authors in Victory Tales Press Anthologies published during the past year. Go to her blog site at for a full list of her books.

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"The Nasi's are good to their friends, and miserable to their enemies. Now, their curse has come home to haunt them. How can a loyal friend who believes in the clan patriarch, save him from ultimate destruction? With Aidan on hand to protect her as she moves fearlessly to get to the bottom of this mystery, Libby stops at nothing to clear the Nasi reputation.Together, they move into a world of power and danger, one with stakes so high that an excop, a pretty lawyer, and a forensic pathologist in training, could be erased in an instant for entering forbidden territory...."

An Excerpt From Chapter Five

After the burial, the group went back to the Nasi condo.

Letting himself in through the unlocked door of Number 941, Aidan stood with his shoulders against the wall of the entry, watching the mourners converse in hushed tones, broken by outright laughter, as Quent regaled them again and again with Rico stories. Aidan spotted the young woman with the black hair and in the warmth of the lighted room, she looked quite beautiful. An Italian type, he was certain, with high cheekbones, deep-set liquid brown eyes and a full, sensuous mouth. But, his mind was on business. He did notice that her mourning suit, an appropriate black number off the same designer rack as every other woman there, was cut two inches above the knee, revealing legs long for her short height and curves in all the right places.

As soon as he arrived, Libby spotted him. He was a man of about fifty years old with blue eyes that sparked both humor and flint at the same time. A cop, she decided. However, she returned her attention to the group and didn’t leave Angela’s side. Aidan scanned the group. He had worn his best gray suit and a blue tie over a white shirt, but he looked more like a chauffeur than a member of this elite group. Even so, Carmella passed by with a tray of hors d’oeuvres and offered him some. In a moment, she was back with an Orange Blossom for him.

As he took his first sip, Libby came over to him.

“Hello, I’m Libby Cervallo. I noticed you standing here. You are…”

“I’m Aidan Bonner, Libby, an investigator for Security Insurance Company. You are…”

“I’m one of the family’s attorneys and a friend of Rico,” she answered. “What brings you here?”

“Pretty gruesome death, don’t you think?” answered Aidan.

“The family is in mourning, they are still reeling from shock. I don’t think this is the time to conduct an investigation.”

“I don’t know about that. Some things don’t add up, I think that’s pretty obvious, and I have a matter concerning millions of dollars to discuss with you. There’s a question about a life insurance policy that was taken out shortly before Mr. Nasi’s death. Did you know about it? Odd signature, too.”

Libby didn’t answer. Instead, she pulled out a card from her purse and handed it to Aidan. “Call me at my office tomorrow and we can have a business discussion then. Now, if you’re finished here, please go. This family needs privacy. You did know this was a funeral, didn’t you?”

This time, Aidan didn’t answer. He nodded to Libby briefly and let himself out.

Leaving the building, Aidan pulled a long envelope out of his breast pocket. He had one more piece of business to attend to. “First things first,” he said to himself. “That bastard, Professor Schwartz, PhD, commie, emeritus piece of crap at Columbia, who only just passes for human, will be put off a step by this little message.” And he plunked the envelope into a corner mailbox, whistling as he walked to the subway.


Miss Mae said...

I've read Angel's Requiem. This story is such a major plot, you marvel at how KK kept all the details together! A gripping tale that you'll always remember!