Sunday, May 22, 2011

Nicole Zoltack - What Inspires Her

All writers need inspiration. Without inspiration, there's nothing let to write. So where do I turn to for inspiration? I take a nap.

On a more serious note, I have had some awesome dreams that have given me ideas for stories. Once or twice, I've even dreamt about my characters and worked through plot points that way. Some of my dreams are really out there - remember I write fantasy!

I'm also inspired by movies and books and TV shows. I love to people-gawk. Life in general is inspiring to me.

So now I'm inspired to write a new story idea. My next step is to sit down at my computer and just type. Sometimes my idea is just a character and I learn the story as I type it. Other times, it's a scene. Or it could be just the basic idea of a plot. Regardless, I am definitely not a plotter. I write like I read, I want to be surprised by the ending. If I were to plot out the ending (which I have done for a few stories) then I get bored with it (and those said stories - never finished 'em).

Now as a panster, I can write like crazy when the muse inspires. I think the most I ever wrote in one day is 6K. But do I have suffer from writer's block? Personally, I hate that term. I never consider myself as having writer's block. For one thing, I am usually working on more than one project at the same time so if I'm stuck on one, I just work on the next one. But I never find myself completely empty of ideas, I never have nothing I can write.

So that's my writing process. I sit and type and work on multiple projects. My advice for aspiring writers - sit, type, and work on projects that you love. It doesn't matter if you can't write every day. Write when you can. But even if you can't write every day doesn't mean you can't still work on your story. Always think about it - your characters, the next scene, etc. That way, when you do have time to write, you'll never stare at a blinking cursor and a blank Word document.

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The final war between Speica and Arnhem is threatening the entire world. Lucifer has aligned himself with Speica and wants nothing less than to bring about the Apocalypse before its time. In the last battle, cowardice is revealed, promises are broken, and many people die. Trolls fight icthyocentaurs, dwarves armed up against the Drow, angels against demons. Only one kingdom will prevail; that is, if the world doesn't end.

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