Tuesday, May 31, 2011

New Reviews for Fire and Ash

Fire and Ash

Onedesertrose's Blog—Christian Book Reviews
Initially misidentified by Police Chief Quinn Harrington at the scene, the sparks of romance hit the Police Chief upon introduction to Sadie. Though strong-willed and opinionated, she is an accurate fire investigator–and that special someone whom Quinn hadn’t met since the loss of his wife. However, her first impression of Quinn was that he was a klutz. Sadie’s wit and ability to banter back and forth with Quinn makes for a fun read amidst the tragedy.

As a forensics show enthusiast, I found that Anne Patrick, in her book, Fire and Ash, goes into great, minute detail of the fire investigation, that puts you on the scent of a perpetrator. Her unique ability to incorporate multiple plots to throw you off course makes the pages fly by to connect the dots. The suspense builds as Sadie’s life is endangered. Someone wants her quieted, but who?

4.5 Stars from Manic Readers - "Fire and Ash turned out to be a heartwarming sweet romantic read. The sweet romance woven together with family, suspense, loss, grief, faith, God and masterpiece characters make this story real and believable. And with the characters, first of all, the author creates genuine unique characters that blend together, perfect for each other. And she uses these characters in real life situations, their problems, hurts, and struggles and teaches us how the Lord can work in any situation, using people that come into our lives to draw us closer to Him. I really like the way the author weaves the Lord and the Christian parts of the story into the characters everyday lives, fitting it right in with the rest of the story."

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