Friday, January 22, 2010

Lethal Dreams Coming Feb 1st in Print & Ebook

I just received the word tonight that my upcoming release, Lethal Dreams will be available in print and ebook.  Yaaay!  Not that I have anything against print mind you, I love printed books, but I also love ebooks.  Now all those people who received new Kindles and ebook readers for Christmas can buy this book :-).  I'm really looking forward to it's release.  I just love the story of Erin and Logan.  I know I've posted the book blurb before, but I can't resist doing it again.  So here it is.

Dr. Erin Jacobs is making a name for herself in the sports world. Drawing on her own life experiences, she encourages and inspires athletes to recover one hundred percent from career ending injuries. So why would someone want to hurt the good doctor?

Detective Logan Sinclair is determined to find that answer. He’s been mesmerized by Erin since the night she found him and his partner shot in an alleyway. Since that night their lives have never been the same. He longs to find someone to share his life with and wants to help her secure her dream of someday opening a youth center. Erin doesn’t want to be a cop’s wife though. She’s been there and done that and paid the ultimate price. She doesn’t want to risk that kind of heartache again. Or does she?

Coming February 1st!
And if you haven't picked up a copy of Dark Alliance yet, I encourage you to do so.  Princess Tara's story is one I think you'll love too.  If you missed her interview, scroll down a few posts and you'll find it.  Be sure to read the comments because Alex dropped by afterwards and received a job offer from Miss Mae.  I'm going to have to keep my eye on those two:-)


Amy DeTrempe said...

Congrats. The book sounds wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations. That's a huge accomplishment.

Anne Patrick said...

Thank you Amy and Sally. And thank you for stopping by.