Saturday, January 23, 2010

Free Read from Kinzie

Kinzie Monroe, my alter ego, is offering a free download of her inspirational novel, No Greater Love. No strings attached. No Greater Love is the story of a woman with great wealth and power who has been stricken with terminal cancer and is about to learn that you can’t put a price on God’s grace, or the love of good friends. And for you romance lovers, there is some romance thrown in.  Here’s the blurb:

What would you do for $300million dollars? Would you commit murder? That’s what Leah Dalton is asking of five of her closest friends. The co-founder and CEO of Dalton Software Inc., has spent the last six months searching desperately for a cure to the cancer that is eating away at her brain. Finally realizing she is fighting a losing battle, she devises a plan that will give her back some control of her life. Deciding if she’s going to die, she is going to be the one who chooses how and when.

Inviting five of her closest friends, and a local attorney to her estate to spend a week, she shares the news of her impending death and asks for their help. Afraid of the painful death she knows is just around the corner, she offers them the chance of a lifetime. She wants one of them to kill her. She doesn’t care how as long as it’s painless and appears to be accidental or natural. In return for their good deed, the person will receive $300million dollars. Will one of her friends take her up on the offer? What would you do?

All you have to do is click here and download the PDF file. We hope you enjoy it. Oh and please keep in mind that since this is a free read it has not gone through a series of editors so you are likely to see some boo boos. But hey, it’s free so don’t complain :-)


Kris Bosch said...

Thanks, Anne. I downloaded it today and have already started reading it.

Mary Beth said...

How generous, Anne. Thank you. It sounds like a very interesting story.