Thursday, June 11, 2009

Trusting in God

When God leads you to the edge of the cliff, trust Him fully and let go, only 1 of 2 things will happen, either He'll catch you when you fall, or He'll teach you how to fly!
I got this pic in an email and thought I’d pass it along. I thought it fit well with the message.

The weekend went well. Read through two manuscripts and got them sent off. Now I’m working on a third one that was requested. It has taken me all week and I’m still not done—too many interruptions. This is why I like the country life. The peace and quiet, no phone (I had my cell phone but it was turned off), TV only in the evening, a good soak in the hot tub and lots of strawberry shortcake with whipped cream. Zoe enjoyed our mini-vacation too. However, she didn’t care for sleeping in the kennel. Poor girl was so wore out from running around with Duke she could hardly move for two days after we got home. I’m house sitting again this weekend but won’t be staying out there because I have a friend’s anniversary party to go to on Saturday. So it’ll just be a quick trip out to feed all the animals and then back to town. Hopefully I can get this manuscript edited before then. This is only the second or third draft so it’s taking me longer to work through. Speaking of which I better get back to work on it. Hope all is well. Take care friends.