Saturday, June 13, 2009


Tonight I went to a friend of mine’s 25th wedding anniversary. When I returned home I was standing outside looking up at all the amazing stars (Zoe had to go potty) and I found myself thinking back to when I was a teenager sneaking out to meet my best friend in the filed across from my house. We would lie there in the field looking up at the stars and share our hopes and dreams of the future. At this point in our lives neither of us wanted families, we both wanted to travel, she wanted to be a movie star, and I wanted to be a famous author. Thirty some odd years later she is now a grandmother, I’m happily single and we both have been able to travel to other countries. As for our dreams of stardom, we’re still working on it. What does this have to do with a wedding anniversary you might ask—well my friend whose anniversary I attended tonight has a neat story as to how her and her hubby got together. They dated in high school then went their separate ways, each marrying someone else, then at their 20th high school reunion (both single again) they hooked back up and have been together ever since. Hearing their story got me to reflecting on life and the bumps and bruises we gather on our journey, and how those experiences mold us into the wonderful pieces of art we become at the hands of our Master Potter. You see their journey to marital bliss wasn’t an easy one. While apart, married to different people, they both suffered heartache. It was their faith in the Lord that carried them through those troubled times and I just imagine it was the Lord who brought them back together again. So here’s to another 25 years guys!


Cassie Simmons said...

Sounds like a good love story, is she going to let you write about it? You're upcoming releases sound great,I can't wait to read them.

Ban said...

Hi Anne, saw your link on the Christian Fiction Yahoo Group and thought I'd come one over and have a peek ! If you enable the 'friends' gadget I'd be more than happy to follow. Can't read anything at this moment as my little ones are calling but I will stop back. I'd be very interested in a romantic suspence ! ps: feel free to visit me, I'm working on an epic fantasy with a minor in romance.

Anne Patrick said...

Cassie, sorry I haven't acknowledged your post before now. I'm supposed to receive an email when someone posts on my blog but didn't get one on yours. To answer your question: I wouldn't dare ask. That's a good way to lose friends. I do however draw inspiration from my friends when creating characters. It's usually a combination though. For instance, the heroine in a romance I finished a few months ago is the combination of five different women in my life who inspired the concept of the story. Their faith, strength and personalities helped me to weave a very unique and sassy lady who won my heart on page one. The story itself is purely fiction. Thanks for your post. Stay safe and be blessed my friend!