Thursday, June 18, 2009

Where do you get your inspiration?

For all you writers out there, you’ve probably been asked this a number of times but I thought it was an interesting topic for my blog since I couldn’t think of anything else to say. Yeah I have blogger’s block. I get my inspiration from all kinds of sources. I’ve dreamed story ideas, had them pop into my head while taking a shower, driving down the road, you name it. It’s interesting though how they evolve. For instance about twelve years ago I came up with this idea:

Leah Dalton, co-founder and CEO of Dalton Software Inc. has spent the last six months searching desperately for a cure to the cancer that is eating away at her brain. Finally realizing she is fighting a losing battle, she devises a plan that will give her back some control of her life. She figures if she’s going to die, she is going to be the one who chooses how and when. Inviting five of her closest friends, and a local attorney to her estate to spend a week, she shares the news of her impending death and asks for their help. Afraid of the painful death she knows is just around the corner, she offers them the chance of a lifetime. She wants one of them to kill her. She doesn’t care how as long as it’s painless and appears to be accidental or natural. In return for their good deed, the person will receive $300million dollars.

I wasn’t able to write this story until a few years ago after losing some loved ones to cancer. Only then was I able to give it the passion it deserved. It is now an 83,000 word manuscript, titled No Greater Love, that is be considered by two publishers. It’s like God planted the seed then waited until I had grown enough spiritually to water it. Does that make sense?

Anyway, if you have a similar story you’d like to share I’d love to hear it.


Miss Mae said...

I don't know that I have "inspiration" like that, Patricia. (That story sounds like a doozy, btw! :) )

I can't say I pick up the newspaper, read an item, and then run with an idea. Nothing "hits" me like that. My stories rather evolve with a "why" to everything. I go slowly, trying to piece the whole thing together. While I may not have it down pat when I begin writing, I do have a loose concept in place.

Except now. I have my start and finish, it's the middle I need work on.

So...I need some inspiration! LOL

Larry Hammersley said...

Hi Patricia: Because of the nature of your article I will share a personal motivation with you on my two science fiction novels. Both stories involve male characters (widowers) who have a permanently ill daughter whom they are trying to get cured. Sue and I lost our daughter at age 14. She was permanently ill with a rare nerve disorder. This loss has weighed heavily on me and has influenced my two SF novels. Of course Hansen and Cramer, the two heros, manage a cure for their daughters. My other story inspirations came from my college days but I didn't have romance in college. That got into the stories anyway. Larry

Ban said...

OOoo yes, inspiration ... much like you my ideas come at me from all different angles. A good many of them come to me in dreams - just random scenes that take over my brain until I work out the characters, plots etc. Can't say there's ever been a life event that has touched me deeply enough to inspire a story but then again we all take 'part' of ourselves and put it into our stories.

Laurean Brooks said...


You must be a panster like me. I get my ideas at the spur of the moment, or from dreams. A couple of times I had thought on a title for an ms and then it popped into my head while I was walking the dogs, not even thinking about it.


Anne Patrick said...

Thanks for sharing everyone! Larry, I was so sorry to hear about your daughter. And yes Laurean I am a panster. I never plan anything. It's much more exciting that way, or at least it is for me. Take care Friends!