Thursday, June 4, 2009

Looking forward to the weekend!

I love spring and summer, it’s nice and warm and there is always something going on. Hope everyone is having a good one so far. Mine has been busy, but great. If you’ve been keeping up with this blog you know I just signed another book contract a few weeks ago. And this week I received two more requests for full manuscripts. If you aren’t familiar with the publishing venue—well it can be a long and tedious one. First you query the publisher. If they like your idea they’ll request a synopsis of your story and some sample chapters. If they like those then they’ll request the full manuscript. The whole process can take months and in the case of my last contract a year and a half. But there is no greater feeling for a writer, who’s dreamed of being published since they were a kid, than to see one of their babies make it into print. As my editor recently said, ‘It’s worth every drop of blood, sweat and tears.’ The most important step I’ve taken as a writer was to find a good editor to help polish my work before I submit. She is brutally honest with me, which is what ever writer needs, and excellent at catching flaws that may distract the reader. I owe my last two book contracts to her. One I was ready to give up on but she encouraged me to keep submitting it, telling me it was good and that it would sell. It was her encouragement and sound advice that has gotten me this far. So if you’re reading this Barbara, I can’t ever thank you enough for all that you do. With all that said and done—one guess as to what I’ll be doing this weekend. Yep, a final read of the two manuscripts to make certain they’re in top shape. And hopefully if there is time I can get a little writing done on my newest manuscript. It’s a good thing I’ll be in the country this weekend. I’m going to need the peace and quiet. Hope everyone has a good and safe weekend.