Monday, July 20, 2015

Murder at Black Lake: Pre-Order Now!

Film actress Jamie Riedel was barely a teenager when, while on a camping trip, she witnessed the brutal murder of her father. Fourteen years later, Jamie returns to Jackson Ridge to settle up the estate of her estranged mother. Soon after her arrival, a note appears on her door: 'I saw you in the woods today.' Now Jamie is questioning if the right man was sent to prison for her father's murder.

Helping her to answer that question is childhood friend, Deputy Chief Gage Hansen. He's more than willing to find the truth that will finally bring Jamie peace in her life, but at what cost? A nasty divorce from his cheating wife has made Gage gun-shy when it comes to relationships, especially with beautiful women who use their feminine wiles to get what they want in life. His defenses start to crumble once he learns that most of the stories he's read about Jamie in the tabloids are lies and she's basically the same fearless burst of pure energy he had a secret crush on when they were best friends. But could he ever fit into her celebrity lifestyle?

When it becomes apparent that someone in Jackson Ridge will go to any lengths to get rid of Jamie, the pair risks everything to solve the fourteen-year mystery that's haunted the town.

Murder at Black Lake Excerpt

Later that night, Gage joined Jamie on his mom's deck. In the distance, streaks of lightening lit up the dark sky, followed by the low rumble of thunder. "God is putting on quite a show for us tonight."
"Yes he is." Jamie folded her arms.
"You doing all right?"
Jamie nodded her reply. She had been quiet throughout most of dinner. Obviously, still shaken by the break-in.
"Jamie, you don't have to stay. I'm sure Mr. Addison would be happy to handle the listing of your house. The paperwork can be handled by mail. And as far as the work on the house, Mallory and I…"
"I'm not going anywhere, Gage. Not until I have some answers."
A part of him was glad she wasn't running away. But he knew those answers she sought could come at a great price. "That could take awhile . . . and you may not like what you find."
"I'm willing to take that chance." She lowered her arms. Placing her hands on the railing, she looked at him. "My father's killer is still out there. My being here scares him. There's only one reason I can think of as to why that is."
"He thinks you can identify him," Gage surmised.
"Maybe I can. I think if I go back there, it may jog my memory."
"Is that what you were doing when I followed you into the woods that day?"
"Yeah, only I lost my nerve." She shook her head and stared off into the distance.
Gage knew from the chief's statement in her case file that she had defensive wounds on her arms and hands. She had fought with the man. The cop in him wanted to go along with her suggestion of going back to the campsite, to see if there is something else she can remember that will help lead him to the killer. But at the same time, he didn't want to subject her to any more pain.
"Will you come with me? We could go tomorrow, after my interview."
"You bet," he answered. No way was he letting her go into those woods alone.