Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fire and Ash receives Best Book ratings from LASR!

Fennel at Long and Short Reviews gave Fire and Ash its highest rating. Here’s a snippet - "This is a beautiful, yet hard-hitting story, fluently written, presenting characters you fall in love with, and ensures you’ll keep it on your shelf permanently and re-read often, which is why I have given it a Best Book rating." Read the whole review here:

Thank you for the awesome review, Fennel!

For those of you who have been curious about my progress on A Familiar Evil, I finally finished the first draft. Whew! And it’s going to be a doosy. A funny note – I had to change my heroine’s name three times *grinning*. The reason being I’d already used the name Kate, well Katie, in Sabotage. So I changed it to Morgan...then I realized I’d used that name in Journey to Redemption. The heroine’s name is now Jordan. And yes, I’ve checked, I haven’t used it before. Tip to future writers out there, always keep track of your character’s names. I now have a chart with all the ones I’ve used.

All my edits on coming releases are finished too. Yaay! Now I can get started on the second book in my ‘Wounded Heroes Series’. I’m really excited about this series. Most of the books take place on a fictional island off the coast of Maine called Dauphine Island. No, I’m not joining the paranormal frenzy *grin*. You won’t find any vampires or wolves. All of my characters are human. Each book will be a stand-alone with previous characters making cameo appearances. For instance, Hope & Nick from my Christmas short story (coming in Dec) will be in the series. Each story is about a wounded hero. For instance Deadly Foe is the story about a former army medic struggling with PTSD who has someone trying to kill her. Not all are military heroes, though, some are in law enforcement or other emergency services.

Well, that’s all the news I have so I’m going to get off here and get back to work. I hope you enjoy the rest of your week.

Happy reading!



Diane Craver said...

Congrats on your awesome review! I posted it on DBP Connections. I just finished reading Fire and Ash and it's a great book and deserves the best book rating from Fennel.

Anne Patrick said...

Thank you so much, Diane! I'm glad you enjoyed it. And thanks for sharing at DBP Connections! I appreciate it!