Sunday, August 22, 2010

Recipes to Die For

No, they won’t kill ya but eating some may make you think you’ve died and gone to heaven. Seriously, Killer Recipes is a combined effort of writers of Mystery, Murder & Mayhem around the world who’ve come together in support for the American Cancer Society. We have all been touched by this dreaded disease and it's a wonderful feeling being able to contribute toward its cure. I do hope you will consider joining us in our effort to help find a cure or to help those suffering from cancer. You can purchase the book now at Amazon. All proceeds go to the American Cancer Society.  Below is a partial list of contributing authors and their recipes. For a complete list click here. As an added bonus, I’m giving away ten of my books to the first ten people who contact me via the contact form on my website who have purchased Killer Recipes. That’s right! You’ll get to choose any one of my ebooks or print books. So what are you waiting for, buy now!

Elaine Alphin
* Guilty Greek Shrimp

Cash Anthony
* Torn Spinach and Berry Salad
* Coo-Coo Coq au Vin
* Maced Moussaka

Raven Bower
* Raven's Apple Break
* Vampire-Free Pasta

Pat Browning
* Crabby Jambalaya

H.L. Chandler
* Dazed Angel Biscuits
* Bloody Marys
* Ghostly Gooseberry Pie
* Hot tamale Pie

D.K. Christi
* Reckless Sailor's Key Lime Dip
* Bleeding Hawaiian Breadfruit
* Vicious Vegetarian Lasagna
* Nut-Stuffed Acorn Squash

Jodi Diderrich
* Crushed Pineapple Torte
* Sliced Sweet Potato Apple Bake

Laura DiSilverio
* Bishop's Bread

Keith Donnelly
* Clandestine Cheese Puffs
* Walloped Black Jack Pie
* Don's Caesar Salad
* Mountain Center Diner's French Fry Casserole
* Mary's Country-Style Backbones

Janet Durbin
* Suspect Peanut Butter Cookies

Elysabeth Elderling
* Lethal Fudge (no bake)

Melinda Elmore
* Deviled Eggs
* Radical Meatloaf

L. C. Evans
* Evil Gazpacho

Christy Tillery French
* Wacky Zucchini Bread
* Crazy Pumpkin Crisp
* Split Banana Cake
* Pretzeled Salad
* Perverted Pineapple Casserole

Lynette Hall Hampton
* Cracked Coconut Pie
* Chilling Corn Salad
* Pepperocini Roast

Angelica Hart and Zi
* Killer Doll Dip
* Snake Dance Marinade

Michelle Hollstein-Matkins
* Howling Hot Apple Crisp
* Unfathomable Flourless Chocolate Cake
* Schizophrenic Sweet and Sour Pork
* Copious Cheesy Potatoes

Caitlyn Hunter
* Stirred-Up Apple Raisin Bread
* Creamed Cheese Dip
* Wicked Strawberry Pie
* Asian Pork Bites

Susanne Marie Knight
* Murderous Sour Cream Muffins
* Feisty Mandarin Chicken Salad
* Dangerous Diner's Chili
* Murder By Potato

Vicki Lane
* Ba's Pound Cake
* Drowned Fish Chowder
* Plunger Mayonnaise
* Chopped Picadillo
* Filleted Catfish in the Manner of Vera Cruz
* Bold Butternut Squash

Joyce and Jim Lavene
* Mad Russian Tea

Miss Mae
* Meat Cleaver's Taco Dip

Mike Nettleton
* Sinister Scones

Judy Nichols
* Intense Cincinnati-Style Chili
* Kate's Working Mom Pizza

Ernesto Patino
* Tortured Tortillas and Eggs

Anne Patrick
* Fiendish Fiesta Dip
* More Thrilling than Sex Cake
* Burglar's Lasagna

Cindy Keen Reynders
* Lawless Lexie's Taco Salad
* Paws-itively Guilty Goulash
* Cop-a-Plea Pork Roast
* Gabe's Jailhouse Ribs
* Saucy Lucy Spaghetti

Denise Robbins
* Pizza Witches
* Tipsy Chocolate Truffles
* Whipped Spezerillo

Carolyn J. Rose
* Mushrooms to Die For

Mark Rosendorf
* Sinful Sweet Potato Pie
* Wicked Tomato Basil Soup
* Cantankerous Corn Pudding
* Naughty Noodle Pudding
* On the Lamb Chops

Penny Rudolph
* Bueno New Mexican Posole
* Feuding New Mexico Black Bean Soup
* Horsing-Around Slaw
* Brazen New Mexico Salmon
* Tequila Chicken

L. J. Sellers
* Lethal Three-Layer Fiesta Dip

Jacqueline Seewald
* Killer Cornbread Recipe
* Mystery Meatloaf

Sylvia Dickey Smith
* Cutthroat Chocolate Pie

Morgan St. James
* Deadly Sisters Blueberry Breakfast Bake

Jane Toombs
* Bread Machine Finnish Limpa

J. D. Webb
* Mean McLean's Famous Mac 'N Cheese
* Sauced Shepherd's Pie

Susan Whitfield
* Cold Shot Brandy Alexander
* Brittle Bones
* Evil Chocoholic's Pie
* Freaky Fried Apples
* Grated Seafood Casserole
* Speared Broccoli Casserole
* Seedy Korean Beef
* Shotgun Chili
* Cracked Eggplant Parmesan
* Electrocutioner' s Zucchini Sticks
* Pop-Eyed Spinach Pie

Karen Wiesner
* Breaded Pork Chops


J D Webb said...

Thanks, Anne, for your post. Susan did a wonderful job of pulling this together for a great cause. I'm humbled to be included. I advise everyone to try these recipes out. They won't kill you, we promise.

Anne Patrick said...

Glad to do it, JD. It's great when authors can come together in support of something like this. I hope Susan is able to raise lots of money for the ACS. Thanks so much for dropping by.