Monday, August 23, 2010

Author Beverly Bateman Interview

Joining us today is author Beverly Bateman. Welcome, Beverly! Why don’t you tell us a little bit about yourself?

[Beverly] I live in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada with my husband and my two Shiba Inu dogs. I have two grown children; two grand dogs and four grand cats. My background is nursing. I’m a member of Romance Writer’s of America and several online Chapters; Kiss of Death, Heartbeat and Scriptscene. I have four books published; DEATH AWAITS – a romantic suspense; JUST LIKE YOU – a medical thriller on cloning and two in my Holly Divine series – FADE TO BLACK AND DEATH COMES IN RED. A fifth book has been sold, but is not yet published. It’s a horror romance I co-authored called DARK MOON.

[Anne] When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?

[Beverly] I can’t remember. I started writing as a child and wrote all through school. I became a nurse, married and raised my family. I didn’t write seriously during this period., but I kept jotting down plots and writing a few pages of a story. After a diagnosis of breast cancer I decided it was time to put the butt in the chair and write. So that’s what I did. And I haven’t stopped since

[Anne] Tell us about your latest book.

[Beverly] My latest book, which I’m now editing, is called The 4th Victim. It’s about highly trained , female, special ops teams who volunteer for a secret organization called The Foundation. They volunteer for missions to protect, or rescue, women in jeopardy around the world. A newly recruited team all have paranormal talents such as telekinesis, seeing and talking to ghosts and one is an empath. Upon graduation from training, their first assignment is to rescue the daughter of one of the team, from a serial killer who has married and killed three other women.

[Anne] Wow! Sounds very intriguing. What inspired you to write this story?

[Beverly] I believe in women helping women, and together we can be stronger and accomplish more. The book started with the team of four women with paranormal talents. They have all suffered at the hands of men in their lives. When they come together they grow stronger and their paranormal talents also grow stronger as they work together. I then expanded it to a larger organization that can work internationally. I would hope that it might give women reading the book the strength to search out other women as friends and support.

[Anne] How did you go about researching your book?

[Beverly] Sometimes it’s from my own background, but more often I use the internet. You can find almost everything there. For this last book I was researching prisons in Iran, air flight times from various locations, Krav Magda fighting and poisons. I also have friends and critique partners who have a vast body of knowledge of other information I can call upon, or they have friends. I belong to several online loops where I can post questions about weapons, fighting, almost anything and someone will have the answer.

[Anne] What is your writing process like? Are you a plotter or a pantster?

[Beverly] I’m somewhere in the middle. Once I get an idea for a plot I try and sketch out a line or two for each possible scene. Then I just go with it. I’m now trying to change my process a little and spend more time developing my characters up front, so I have concrete goals for them, internal conflict, as well as the external conflict, and their greatest fears. Once I get the characters down so I know them better I’ll write the story.

[Anne] If you could be anyone of your characters, which one would you chose to be and why?

[Beverly] I’d love to be Carly in my latest book. She’s strong, wealthy, runs her own company as well as the Foundation; has two strong women friends and a real hot man in her life. She also adopts stray dogs.

[Anne] Say your publisher has offered to fly you anywhere in the world to do research on an upcoming book, where would you most likely want to go? (Okay so maybe this isn’t very likely to happen but since I’m asking the questions…)

[Beverly] And since you’re asking the questions and I’m dream wishing, I’d love to go to Africa and do a safari. I’m sure I can come up with a character and a plot that would work on an African Safari, probably throwing in some blood diamonds and diamond smuggling. Maybe even poachers hunting elephants for their tusks.

[Anne] Now that’s a new one. I don’t think anyone has ever mentioned Africa before. Excellent choice! I love Africa. What type of books do you like to read when you’re not writing?

[Beverly] I’m pretty eclectic. I like biographies, mysteries, thrillers, some craft books, paranormal fantasy and romantic suspense.

[Anne] Name three things you can’t live without (excluding spouses and family because that’s a given).

[Beverly] My computer, chocolate and my skin care cosmetics (okay - I’m vain.)

[Anne] What advice would you give to any aspiring writers out there?

[Beverly] I wish I had some secrets to tell, but my advice is probably the same as most other authors. Write every day, take classes and attend conferences and workshops, soak up all the knowledge about the craft that you can. Write what you love. Be determined and don’t give up.

[Anne] Great advice, Beverly! Where can we find you on the web?


[Anne] Where can we purchase your book(s)?

[Beverly] Wings ePress at and Whiskey Creek Press at

[Anne] Is there anything else you’d like to add?

[Beverly] I can’t think of anything. Usually I’m on the other side, asking the questions so this was fun. Thank you Anne for inviting me.

[Anne] Thanks for joining us, Beverly. It’s been a joy getting to know more about you and your works. Best of luck to you!


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