Monday, May 3, 2010

Out of the Darkness & Ties That Bind Releases Today!

Both Out of the Darkness and Ties That Bind release today. Listed below are some of the places I’ll be visiting this month to promote the books. Please feel free to visit some or all of these sites. I’d love to hear from you! Plus, I’ll be keeping track of the comments at the sites, where you can post, and periodically through the month I’ll be giving away review copies of the books at various stops. Then at the end of the month I’ll be giving away a tote bag with several goodies, including a T-shirt with the book cover, a mug and autographed items. So be sure to join in the fun and help me celebrate my new releases.

Month of May – Beverly Bateman:
May 4th - Vijay Schartz:
May 6th - Evie Alexis:
May 7th – Melanie Atkins:
May 12th – Gail Pallotta:
May 13th – Linda Rettstatt:
May 14th – Ginger Simpson:
May 14th – Stephanie Burkhart:
May 19th – Sharon Donovan:
May 24th – Susan Whitfield:
May 28th – P.I. Barrington:
May 30th – K. Dawn Byrd:

Now a little about my new releases

Out of the Darkness - 'Sweet' Romantic Suspense

In Out of the Darkness, ex-FBI Profiler Alex Michaels is forced into hiding by the serial killer who murdered her twin sister and left her with a career ending injury. Meeting up with an ex-pro football player who is also facing an uncertain future, Alex makes Royce McIntire an offer he can’t refuse. Settling into her new life, Alex has no idea the killer is hot on her tracks along with the team of FBI agents who failed to protect her before. When they all catch up to her, not only is her peaceful life shattered, but once again her life is in jeopardy.

Out of the Darkness releases today from Champagne Books!

Ties That Bind - Paranormal Romantic Suspense

Sheriff Austin Garrett enlists the help of FBI profiler, Jo McDaniels, to help him solve a string of murders plaguing his community. Unlike most profilers Jo has an unusual gift that allows her to get to know the victims better than anyone else. She not only feels their emotions; she feels their pain. But the last time she relied on her physic ability it almost cost her career as well as her sanity. As the case progresses and the body count rises they soon realize that Jo’s sanity isn’t all that is at risk. She has become the killer’s ultimate kill.

Ties That Bind releases today from Awe-Struck Publishing!  15% off

You can read excerpts from both of these books on my excerpt page. Just click on the links in the sidebar.


Redameter said...

That's a nice cover for your book.
I like it. It's intriguing.
Good luck with sales.

Sharon Donovan said...

Anne, wishing you a fantastic blogmania! Your books soun amazing. Best of luck with sales.

Miss Mae said...

Congratulations, Anne! Two in one day? How awesome is that???? So happy for you! :)

Melissa said...

Congratulations, Anne. I'm looking forward to reading both of them :-)

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy for you, hon! Congratulations. Both of these sound terrific and I too look forward to reading them.

Irene Jacobson said...

Anne, the last comment was from me. I tried to get my name in but it wouldn't take it.


Irene said...

Anne, that last comment was from me. I tried to get my name in but it wouldn't take it.


Dana said...

Good for you, Anne! Love your covers and your video. Very suspenseful.

Best of luck!

Kris Bosch said...

Two at once? You go girl! Honestly, I don't know how you do it.

I'm glad you chose trailer #2. I like the music much better.

Congrats on both your releases!

Diane Craver said...

Great covers for "Out of the Darkness" & "Ties That Bind" and good luck with sales for both books.

All your books sound like page turners. I definitely want to read them this summer.

I don't know how you write so much - you're truly amazing and have a wonderful talent.

Now, I'm going to watch your new book trailer!

Anne Patrick said...

Hi everyone!

Dana, your name was drawn so I'll be contacting you shortly with a copy of Out of the Darkness.

Thank you all for the well wishes and support.

Kris & Diane, my last six releases were written over a period of several years. I wish I could write 7 or 8 books a year. Two or three is the best I can do though.

Thanks again everyone! And remember, you're all still eligible for my tote of goodies at the end of the month. Thanks for stopping by!

Rebecca J Vickery said...

Hi Anne, I'm late but wanted to stop in and wish you all the best with your new releases. I love the covers and the stories are right up my alley. I love suspense.
Looks like you have a busy schedule this month. Here's wishing you mega-sales and wonderful reviews!

Anne Patrick said...

Hi Becca,
Thanks for dropping by and for your well wishes. Much appreciated my friend!