Wednesday, November 11, 2009

In the Zone!

My mojo has been in high gear lately. I’m almost 50,000 words into my new Inspirational Romance and 37,000 words into my Romantic Suspense. WooHoo - I love being in the zone! However, at the same time it’s a bit maddening because I get carried away or should I say my characters get carried away. For instance this past weekend I wrote two great scenes that draw my main characters closer together, and then on Monday it occurs to me that the two scenes would work better if they were moved back into the storyline. Soooo, I do a little re-arranging and whala—perfection!

Now, to go totally off the subject: Do you think dogs can read minds? Weird question, I know, but bear with me. My German shepherd, Zoe, always greets me at the back door with one of her toys. I barely have a chance to put down my purse and she’s nudging my leg wanting to play a quick game of fetch [she’s totally not spoiled]. Anyway, Friday I come home from work and as I’m getting out of my car I think to myself, “It’s such a beautiful day I think I’ll take Zoe out to the lake and play Frisbee.” So I leave my purse in the car and go in the back door and there is Zoe, but no toy. Instead she is bouncing around like a kid who’s had way too much caffeine, zipping back and forth through the house just like she does when she knows we are fixing to go to the lake. Now mind you I gave no indication that was my plan she just knew! So if you ask me, they can definitely read our minds.

Here’s another story that I just have to share. Zoe’s roommate, Sailor, was adopted last year at a local shelter. It has taken almost that much time for him to feel safe enough to come out of my bedroom (his safe area that is fenced off) and venture out into the rest of the house. Well over the weekend while in my zone I happened to look down and the two of them were lying side by side with their heads touching. It was better than watching a Hallmark commercial! My two babies are finally pals! If you’d like to see a pic of my little darlings go to my author page. I managed to get a couple snapped before they got bored with one another.

Okay, back to the subject of writing: On Thursday I will be guest blogging, about the importance of research, at Shawna Williams’ blog. So if you can drop by and leave a comment, I’d love to hear from you.

Also on the 23rd I will be interviewing fellow Desert Breeze Publishing author, Stephanie Burkhart. So be sure to drop by.

And don’t forget about my Thanksgiving Giveaway! If you haven’t entered yet, scroll down a few posts and read how to enter. I’ll be giving away two free downloads of my newest release, Journey to Redemption. The drawing will take place the day after Thanksgiving.


Al said...

Wow such energy.
I love it when my writing just flows like that.
What usually gets in the way is everything else that must be fitted into any given day, week, month or year.

Miss Mae said...

Loved your pics of the babies! :) And animals are much "in tune" than humans realize!

Wow, girl, share some of that inspiration and energy this way! LOL

Anne Patrick said...

Hi Al! Yes, sometimes getting into the zone is difficult because of everyday stuff, that's why I cherish it when I'm there.

Very true Miss Mae. And my Zoe really amazes me sometimes with how smart she is. Okay, here you go MM – swoosh- lots of inspiration and energy sent your way. LOL.

Thank you both for dropping by and for the comments.

MarthaE said...

Great work Anne! Sweet pics of your babies being friends! YAY!
I noticed I wasn't a follower - but I am now! :)

Anne Patrick said...

Thanks Martha!

Cassie Simmons said...

You go girl! I loved the pics of your babies. I'm glad they get along so well.

marcusdweston said...

Great post Anne, and what cute babies you have. Enjoyed the pics!