Monday, November 9, 2009

Best Selling Author, Miss Mae

Please join me in welcoming mystery/romance author Miss Mae. Not only is she a great writer, she’s the co-founder of the Sweetest Romance Author’s Group. Thank you for joining me today Miss Mae. Can you please tell our visitors a little about yourself? Oh, but first is that a flask of your famous homemade lemonade I see sticking out of your pocket?”

Miss Mae grins as she pulls out her flask and I grab a couple of glasses that I just happen to have handy. “That is definitely some of the best lemonade I’ve ever tasted. Your grand pappy was a genius! Okay, now what were you about to say?”

[MM] I live in Georgia with my husband and three adopted female dogs. How’s that? (grin)

“Ah, a fellow dog lover. I love reading your Doggy Tales on your blog. And your recent addition is a real cutie. Will you tell us how you got started in writing? How difficult was your journey to publication?”

[MM] I was always pretty imaginative. When I was in fifth grade at school, I loved the Nancy Drew mysteries. I’d lay awake at night conjuring up my own ideas about a story. That drive, or hunger, stayed with me, and over the years I tried so hard to put my plots onto a typewriter page. (Anyone even KNOW what a typewriter is? LOL) I sent all these creative “books” to New York publishers and was rejected at every turn. Now, I understand why, but back then it almost devastated me. I first became published in 2007 when I sold a non-fiction article to The Front Porch Magazine.

“And now you’re an award winning, multi published, author with a new release. Let’s hear about it.”

[MM] That would be my YA romantic mystery, “When the Bough Breaks” released by Whimsical Publications Oct. 12. Here is blurb:
Darlene Moore’s reason for shunning Parker Shane has nothing to do with his reputation of being a playboy. She even dates him before the death of her mother forces her to move away. After a two-year absence from Dalesville, she returns home to find Parker exchanging wedding vows with her sister. Two months later, her sister dies.

Then Richard Ryan, head of Dalesville’s wealthy, prominent family, and Parker’s employer, goes missing. Could there be a connection to his disappearance and Parker’s unexpected promotion?

Danger and questions a plenty barrage Darlene with the deadly speed of a six-shooter. Who called down a representative from a Washington agency? Who later assaulted him? Who attacked Darlene at her friend’s apartment? And will Parker’s scandalous brand of playboy be changed to one of murderous culprit? Or, in the moment of Darlene’s greatest need, might he become her rescuing knight?

“Sounds like a wonderful read.” Anne pours a little more lemonade into her glass. “Where did you come up with the concept for your story?”

[MM] On one of those nights when I lay in bed “composing”, this story unfolded. All the characters, the setting, everything. I knew I wanted to tell it.

“That happens to me. I’ve lost track of how many mornings I’ve been late for work because of my musings. Do you keep a tape recorder or a pad and pencil next to your bed?”

[MM] Nothing except my trusty brain…heh heh.

“Okay, say you have this great idea for a book, what do you do next? How much plotting do you do?”

[MM] Quite a lot. I keep asking myself, “Why?” Which means, “Why does Jim feel that way toward Sally?” or “Why can’t I hide the key in the shoebox?” I keep exploring and searching the twists and turn of the plot, trying to make sure each angle is plausible.

“Do you have a favorite book you’ve written? How about a favorite character?”

[MM] I’d have to say that “When the Bough Breaks” is probably my favorite right now, because I’m so in love with my hero, Parker!

“He does sound very interesting. Plus he’s hunk! Okay, now let’s get personal. What do you like to do for fun? Any hobbies? What do you do when you’re not writing your wonderful mysteries?”

[MM] I used to clog and line dance, and performed on stage with a team. Now I keep things less strenuous, like going for walks in the woods with the dogs and my wonderful hubby. Uh, maybe I should say I go on walks with my hubby and the dogs go along for company. *grins*

“Do you have a favorite food or snack that you absolutely can’t live without?”

[MM] Coffee and anything chocolate!

“Ooooh chocolate. I gain weight just thinking about it. Okay, what advice can you offer for any aspiring authors out there?”

[MM] If you truly believe in your story, persevere until you get it published. As Winston Churchill stated, “Never, never, never give up.”

“Great advice Miss Mae! Where can we purchase your book? And do you have a website we can visit?”

[MM] I’d appreciate it so much if interested readers would buy directly from the website of Whimsical Publications.
My website, or my blog:

“Thank you for joining me today, and for bringing along your delicious lemonade. I’ve enjoyed getting to know you better and hearing about your wonderful book.”

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Anne Patrick said...

Welcome Everyone! Miss Mae, I'm so glad you took the time out of your busy schedule to do an interview with me. It was fun and I really enjoyed it.

If anyone has a question for Miss Mae, just leave her a comment and she'll get back to you. I'm sure she'd love to tell you more about her wonderful books. She's written several you know. And she may even be kind enough to post an excerpt for us.

Brownies and chocolate chip cookies are there on the coffee table so help yourself and if you need something to wash them down with, if you're real nice Miss Mae may let you sample some of her lemonade. Just be sure to save me some.

Miss Mae said...

Good morning, Anne! Mmm, I can smell those brownies and cc cookies from here! Of course, I've brought along a fresh brew of lemonade...hee hee

Thank you for having me today. It's an honor to be interviewed by such a gifted, brilliant author. I can't wait to get one of your books in my hands!

Rebecca J Vickery said...

HI Miss Mae and Anne,
Wonderful interview, Ladies. After recently reading When The Bough Breaks, I have to tell you it is a page turner and things have a way of happening unexpectedly. Miss Mae seems to be famous for that (and her lemonade LOL).
I'll just take a cup of that brew...Ooops, I mean lemonade and a few cookies. What's next for you Miss Mae?

Miss Mae said...

Hi Becca!

Thanks for stopping by, and for those wonderful words of praise. That means a lot coming from such a highly skilled author as yourself. :)

Yep, help yerself to thar's rather tangy, ain't it?

Anne Patrick said...

Hi Becca,
I'm so glad you were able to drop by this morning.

Sharon Donovan said...

Hello, Miss Mae and Anne! Hee hee. You know I had to come all the way over to get a cup of the good stuff. Why, it's world famous, after all. Miss Mae, as always, your southern charm pours off the page. And I am delighted to learn something new about you, your line dancing! What a Jacqueline of all trades you are. Best of luck with all your great books.

Miss Mae said...

Another WP author! Hi ya, Sharon! So glad you came over, thank you! Well, fiddly-dee, I don't know a dad-gum thang about Southern charm, but I did win a blue ribbon for best decorated outhouse in my county. Does that count? LOL

Anne Patrick said...

That must be some outhouse Miss Mae LOL!

Hi Sharon! Thank you for joining us. Help yourself to some cookies and brownies.

Miss Mae, are you working on another book right now? And how long does it usually take you to write one?

Miss Mae said...

Anne, yes, I am working on another. The usual time for a 40 to 50k ms can take a couple of months. I'm embarrassed to say it's already been a couple of months and I'm only at 20K. Gonna be longer this time to reach "The End"!

Mary Beth said...

Hi ladies! Your book sounds like a wonderful read Miss Mae.

My question goes out to both of you. Do you ever suffer from writers block and if so what do you do to move past it?

marcusdweston said...

Hello ladies. Enjoyed the interview and the brownies. I wish you many sales Miss Mae!

Anne Patrick said...

Hi Mary Beth! I do every now and then, especially when I have a lot going on. If a trip to the lake with Zoe doesn't work, the best cure I've come up with is to sit down and make myself write out a scene no matter how long it takes or how bad it sounds.

Thanks for coming by!

Anne Patrick said...

Hi Marcus! Glad you like the brownies. Don't be shy, take as many as you like. I've plenty.

Miss Mae said...

Hi Mary Beth,

It's nice to meet you. :) Good question! :)

Yes, sometimes I do have writer's block, especially if I have a certain word limit I need to meet. I don't have a particular thing to do to get through it. I just try to be patient and do other things until I get new inspiration and that light bulb clicks on! LOL

Miss Mae said...

Thank you so much, Marcus. Hope you enjoyed washing down those brownies with my special lemonade! LOL

Laurean Brooks said...

Hi, Anne. Insightful interview. Miss Mae told me about her clogging talent. Sure would love to have seen that! You are so talented, gal friend.

I'm reading "When The Bough Breaks." Another thriller that's hard to put down. I get goosebumps just thinking about it, even though I'm not far into it yet. Miss Mae has a way of raising the hair on your arms and sending shivers down the spine.

Miss Mae, I was so happy to see the corn shelled in the field behind our house, when we returned Friday evening. I got to walk the dogs in the woods. Something I haven't done since the corn was knee high.

Good luck with your latest release. I have a good feeling about it. Could be the one you are remembered for.

One day someone will say, "Have you read any of the books by author, Miss Mae?"

The reply? "OH! You mean the lady who wrote 'When the Bough Breaks'? Of course I have!"


Miss Mae said...

Hi Laurie,

Aww, thanks so much for your kind, sweet words. I really appreciate them. Thank you so much.

And it must've been great to come home and see the corn shelled. Sounds like you had a great walk. :)

Hope you enjoy the book, and experience a few surprises along the way. :)


kbosch101 said...

Loved the interview ladies! I love a good mystery. The brownies are delicious Anne, but I like the lemonade better [grin]. I haven't had any of Miss Mae's special recipe since Anne's book release party. It's a good thing I didn't have to drive home.

Congratulations to both of you on your fabulous books!


Cindy Weber said...

Hi ladies. Enjoyed the interview. Miss Mae, are all your books set in the south?

My grandmother was born and raised in Georgia and I always loved listening to her talk about her childhood.

Anne Patrick said...

Hi Kris and Cindy! Thanks so much for joining us today.

Cindy, I think Miss Mae is taking a little nap. It's been a long day [anne winks as she sneaks MM's flask from her pocket, pours outs just a tinsy bit, and very carefully puts it back]. Doesn't her new book sound great? She has two others out too! There titles are: Said the Spider to the Fly and See No Evil. You can learn about them on her website.

Thanks again ladies for stopping by!

Cassie Simmons said...

Oh boy, another mystery to add to my reading list!

Great interview ladies!

Miss Mae said...

Hi Kris, Cindy, and Cassie,

Thank you so much for stopping by. Dad-burn hound dog runned off with the washtub full of lemonade and had to fetch it back!

To answer your question about the setting of my books, Cindy. My first book, "See No Evil, My Pretty Lady" is in London. "Said the Spider to the Fly" is North Carolina. "It's Elementary, My Dear Winifred" (hopefully will be released in 2010) is also English/Victorian, and "When the Bough Breaks" is in Virginia. I am home-bred Southern, so do try to keep the locales as close to what I'm familiar with. However, when that Victorian age strikes me, then I just gotta go with it! LOL

Anne Patrick said...

LOL - that darn hound dog! Sure am glad you were able to catch him Miss Mae.

Anne Patrick said...

Miss Mae, I want to thank you again for allowing me this interview and for bringing your delicious lemonade!

To all our visitors, thank you so much for dropping by. I appreciate your comments and well wishes. It was fun getting to know Mis Mae a little better and hearing about her great books.

Diane Craver said...

Sorry I'm late, Miss Mae! I was busy doing edits yesterday - whew, first round is done now.

Delightful interview, Anne and Miss Mae - I thought I knew you pretty well but didn't know about your clogging talent. That's so neat but glad you are enjoying your walks now!

I'm sure I'll be reading your new book. I loved your other mysteries. You're a talented writer.

Miss Mae said...

Thanks for having me, Anne. I loved being here! :)

Danielle Thorne said...

Great comments. Best of luck with your new book.

Miss Mae said...

Thanks, Diane and Danielle for dropping by. :) Have a glass of lemonade. It'll start your day off right! LOL