Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Calling all Sweet Romance Authors and Readers

I’d like to extend a special invitation to everyone who writes or reads ‘G’ rated romance, mysteries, historical, SF, inspirational, westerns, regencies and romantic suspense to drop by and visit the Sweetest Romance Author Group’s new blog. Where else can you find such a large group of sweet romance authors on one site? These ladies and gentleman (can’t forget Larry) really know how to spin thrilling, wholesome reads. Don’t let the sweetness fool you. We are far from boring. So go on over, grab a glass of Miss Mae’s special recipe lemonade, and be ready to be amazed at all the exciting books that are available at the clicks of a few keys.


marcusdweston said...

I saw you on Facebook and thought I'd check your work out. Your excerpts are intriguing. I’ll have to check out your upcoming release. Will it be available on Kindle?

Anne Patrick said...

Yes Marcus it will be available on Kindle. I'm glad you found me and I do hope you'll come back and visit. I'll be celebrating Journey to Redemption's release on the 15th so be sure and drop in for a chance to win a free download.

Susan J. Reinhardt said...

Hi Anne -

I'm a big suspense fan. The premises of your books sound interesting. I'll have to check them out. :)


Shawna Williams said...

Thanks! I'll definitely check it out

Anne Patrick said...

Hi Susan & Shawna, thank you so much for dropping by. Congratulations again Shawna on your contract with DB and do check out the Sweetest Romance Blog. They're really a great bunch of people!!! And if either of you write 'G' rated romance and would like to join us, just go to our Yahoo Group for instructions. There is a link to the group in my side bar.