Sunday, August 30, 2009

Vacations Over!

My nine day reprieve went way too fast. Don’t they always? I managed to get a lot done though, so that is good. I’m 130 pgs into my new novel and having a thrilling time with it (I still don’t know who the killer is). I had some much needed repairs done on my house (a great big THANK YOU to my niece’s boyfriend for giving up his Saturday). I enjoyed some long-over-do time with friends and family. And I’m enjoying the new rocking/recliner my niece got me for my birthday. It’s so comfy I could sleep in it. And no doubt I probably will. For those of you who don’t know, I’m at my best while rocking with a laptop and I do have a tendency to nod off occasionally during a late night of writing. Speaking of which, I still haven’t heard anything on the six full manuscripts that are with publishers. I’m staying hopeful though. As with most writers, I suspect, the waiting game is the hardest part. After that first query you wait weeks or months, you’re thrilled when you receive a full manuscript request, then it’s another several weeks or months before you hear the final verdict. But the minute you get that phone call or email telling you they love your story and want to publish it, all that nail biting seems worth it. You can always get fake nails.

I’ve also gotten some more reading done while on vacation. Ashes to Ashes by Tami Hoag is fantastic! I haven’t spent all those late nights writing. Ms Hoag is a wonderful story teller. She’s a lot more graphic in the gruesome details than I like to be, but it is a thrilling read.
Now I better get out of here and get some work done on my own novel.


kbosch101 said...

Sorry your vacation went by so fast, but at least you got some writing in. The novel you're working on sounds as facinating as your others. How long does it usually take you to write one?

Anne Patrick said...

Hi Kris. Thanks for the comments. The time spent on a project varries from a couple of months to several for the first draft. I then put it aside and wait about four to six weeks and go back and edit. That's when the real writing begins. I also do most of my research during the second draft, because on the first go around all I care about is getting the story written. Thanks for dropping by.

Ban said...

Yes, my last vacation is over as well and I'm left trying to catch up on 200 blog entries. (really need to pair down my list)
I read a Tami Hoag book a long time ago Cry Wolf I believe it was, when she was just turning from romance to suspense but I liked it. Should pick up one of her newer ones !