Saturday, March 22, 2008

Zoe's First Weekend in the Country

This weekend I’m house sitting in the country and I thought I’d give Zoe a break from her terroristic housemate, Little Caesar, to give her the chance to play with someone her own size. Duke and Zoe are great pals as you can see from the pics below. Just like normal kids, they love playing in the mud. I have a feeling it’s going to take us a week to recuperate. After a hard day of playing yesterday, poor Zoe can barely move today, so maybe I’ll get some writing done. Speaking of which; unfortunately, one of the publishing companies that had requested ‘Out of the Darkness’ has passed on it. Needless to say I’m very disappointed. I waited three months just to get a rejection – bummer! Oh well, that is part of writing. As they say, ‘With each rejection you’re one step closer to getting a contract’. The publishing company that did ‘Every Skull Tells a Story’ has offered to publish, but I was really hoping for a larger publishing house. The editor I’ve been working with thinks I should place it somewhere else as well, and since she works with some prominent writers, I think I’ll take her advice. So I’ll probably be sending out some more queries on it. Still haven’t heard anything on the other two. And the new book is coming along slowly. I hope to get a few chapters in this weekend.

To sooth my disappointment I had a long soak in the hot tub last night and topped the evening off with some delicious strawberry shortcake w/whipped cream– compliments of my aunt. She always leaves me some great treats. Strawberry shortcake and a hot tub – I should be paying them! The second week of April they’ll be going on an extended trip so I’ll be spending my vacation here. That may sound boring to you, but for a city gal, who loves the peace and quiet of country living, it’s the perfect vacation. Besides in January, if things go as planned, I’ll be spending the rest of my vacation time in Honduras with my mission team. It’ll be more of a working vacation, but we always have a great time.

Sarah, congratulations again on your wonderful news! I’m sooo proud of you honey. I knew you could do it!

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Stay safe & Be blessed my friends, you are loved!