Saturday, March 15, 2008


Inspiration is a funny thing. It comes at me when I least expect it. As does most things in life when you think about it. A phone call in the middle of the night informing you that a loved one is in trouble or is ill. A fender bender in parking lot of the supermarket. That policeman that came out of nowhere that clocked you going 42 in a 30 MPH zone . Life can be maddening sometimes. But then you have those moments when everything seems absolutely perfect. A friend drops by unexpected to take you out to lunch. Your boyfriend or husband sends you flowers just to say he’s thinking of you. Your son or daughter calls you out of the blue to tell you they love you and appreciate all you’ve done for them. It’s the highs AND lows in life that mold us into the people we are. And as much as we dislike the lows, you can’t have one without the other. Without the hurt and the sorrow we’d have no compassion. When that friend or loved one comes to you with their heart broken from a devastating loss, unless you’ve been through such a loss, you wouldn’t be able to sympathize with them. You wouldn’t be able to understand just how bad they’re hurting or how to be there for them the way no one else can.

What does any of this have to do with inspiration you ask? Well…I mentioned in the previous blog that I was suffering from writers block. Not so much a block, but there was a huge obstacle in the middle of the creative road. I’m on the second book in my series about a female fire investigator. It opens with a fire of course which Sadie deems arson later. The main character is a veterinarian and it was her office at the vet clinic that was torched. I thought I had the plot and motive pretty much figured out in my head but as I began writing it I found I didn’t like it. Then Tuesday I was talking to a friend about relationships and she was telling me about someone from her past that was a veterinarian and how he’d got into some legal trouble which involved a drug salesman. Well…the wheels started turning. And I swear I don’t mean to do this, but as she’s telling me this story, I’m plotting in my head. She knows me well though – she knew what I was up to. So between the two of us I now have a new plot line .

Now isn’t that neat! She had no idea I was even working on a new book (even though she’s always the first to read ‘um when I’m done), and I had no idea she used to keep books for a veterinarian. THAT’S DIVINE INSPIRATION IF YOU ASK ME!!!

Have an awesome weekend friends . Stay safe and be blessed!