Saturday, July 12, 2014

Book Giveaway - Malice

You have until August 8th to enter my Giveaway.  I'll be giving away two autographed print copies of my latest release, Malice.  Good luck!

Settling into her new life in Oregon and expecting her first child, FBI profiler Jo McDaniels' serenity is shattered when her old boss turns up with some devastating news. The serial killer who managed to elude them in Maine has resurfaced. 

Harland Briggs is every sadistic monster Jo has profiled rolled into one. Leaving his hunting grounds in Maine, he's making his way across country leaving a path of destruction in his wake. 

After learning that in the past three years an alarming number of teenage girls had been abducted across the country, Jo goes against her husband's wishes and agrees to go after Briggs. Once again, her sanity, as well as her life, is in jeopardy…and the life of her unborn child.


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        Malice by Anne Patrick




          by Anne Patrick


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