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Book Tour/Giveaway - Fate: Timeless Trilogy, Book 1

 Tallulah will be awarding winner's choice of a backlist eBook to a randomly drawn commenter at every stop, and a choice of a backlist eBook to each host.

Follow the tour and comment; the more they comment, the better their chances of winning. The tour dates can be found here:


Death stalks Kris in dreams and in reality. The target of a cunning serial killer, Kris must defend her life and her love. Visions prepare her for what’s coming, but is knowledge enough to change the future? Or will demented mania claim victory over fated love?

The good things in life are coming together for Kristina Collins. She’s found her ideal home, her career is on track for mega success and the man of her dreams has finally come back into her life.

In Fate, the first installment of the Timeless Trilogy, Kris Collins discovers the benefits and risks of having precognitive visions while being stalked by a serial killer. Her friends can’t help her, the FBI can’t save her; she must save herself.

The Timeless Trilogy heroines, Kristina, Veronica and Cassandra, each deal with paranormal abilities as they discover and rediscover eternal love.


“Wait a minute, find a weapon.” Cassie picked up a heavy flashlight. “This works.”
 Roni grabbed the lighter. “I’ve got mine.”
 Kris reached for the baseball bat behind the sliding glass door. “I’m ready.”
They looked at each other and broke into a fit of nervous giggles. “Shhhhh,” Kris said. “We’ll lose the element of surprise.” That only made them laugh harder, thanks in part to the wine and in part to the absurdity of the situation. After a minute, sanity prevailed.
 “Okay, stay together and try to be quiet. Let’s go.” Kris led the way to the path that circled around to her neighbor’s deck stairs. She stopped suddenly, listening intently.
 “What is it, why did you stop?”
 “I thought I heard something… where is the light?” With a clear view of the deck and the porch, it was obvious that no light source, moving or stationary, came from either. They stood quietly, straining to hear anything above the noise of the waves. 
 “Maybe it was a firefly. There’s nothing there now. Let’s go back, this is creeping me out.” Roni turned back down the path.
 “Okay,” Kris and Cassie turned to join her. “If it was a firefly, it was the size of a golf ball and I sure don’t want to run into it.” Kris tried to ignore the quick chill leaving icy tracks up her spine. Every nerve ending was suddenly on alert. She spun quickly to see if anyone was following them, but no one was there. She turned back toward home just as the man stepped away from the dark side of the house.

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Tallulah Grace is an aficionado of anything paranormal, loves to read a good thriller and creates characters that become friends. Tallulah was born and raised in a small southern town located in the foothills of the vibrant Blue Ridge Mountains. When she's not developing characters and weaving stories, Tallulah enjoys antiquing and bead-weaving.

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