Friday, September 21, 2012

Author June Bryan Belfie

June's Biography 
At this time of my life, I'm enjoying living in a small town in Pennsylvania with my husband Jim. While he handles our rental units and attends his wonderful gardens, I take care of our antique shop and write away. I've produced eight novels in five years, but only now am confident enough to work on marketing and sharing my stories with others. After raising five children, we enjoy the eight grandchildren, who span in age from five to twenty-three. I moved many times through my lifetime and painted, owned a thirty-eight room inn in the Pocono Mountains where I cooked for the guests and ran art workshops. At various times in my life, I also worked in a bank, played the piano, directed a choir, and went to decorating school in NYC. Everything I've experienced, including a difficult divorce, has led me to this point in my life. God has been my fortress throughout my valleys and my mountaintops. I've been truly blessed.

June's Books

Moving On (Christian Romance) Rating: Sweet
Laura Barron, a Christian woman, recently divorced resides with Kim, her teen-age daughter, in West Chester, Pennsylvania, a small town outside of Philadelphia. Her best friend introduces her to a cousin, Len Vickers, a widower living on the main line, who wants to maintain a relationship as a friend. Laura’s feelings become stronger but she is aware of Len’s difficulty in letting go of his feelings for his deceased wife.

Dave, her ex-husband is a doctor and helps Laura when her father becomes ill. Could he ever be part of her life again?

Laura’s daughter discovers her friend Lisa, whose father pastors their church, is in trouble. Kim involves her mother in finding a solution. Throughout this crisis, Len is there to give strength to the family. Laura needs to let go of her feelings for Len or he needs to release his guilt over his growing affection for Laura. Events transpire which determine the outcome. 

The Landlord (Christian Romance) Rating: Sweet
When a young woman is confronted with her feelings for her handsome new landlord, she realizes he may not be available. He keeps reappearing, but then two other interesting men enter her life to further confuse her and she is ready to give up all men and settle for life with her double-toed cat, Spud. Has God brought one of these men into her life to be her future husband, and if so -- which one?

Kristen, a lovely young college graduate, struggles to find employment and deal with her feelings of loneliness and rejection after her boyfriend drops her without explanation. Along comes a new landlord -- a handsome and successful realtor named Dave, who starts off on the wrong footing by restricting all pets from the premises. She will not give up her cat -- her faithful companion. A leaking toilet, a squeaking door, and a trip to the gym, all act as collision courses for the two who become good friends - or are they? Kristen soon finds herself facing a new crisis. Does she take back her old boyfriend, who has re-appeared, date a young lawyer who finds her fascinating, or wait for the man who appears to have other interests?

This is a fast, fun read. Romantic and a page-turner. 

A Special Belling for Sara (Inspirational) Rating: Warm
Sara Wilson lives alone with her cat in a small town in central Pennsylvania. She counsels women from a Christian perspective, but her own life is in turmoil. Sara is still suffering from a broken relationship as she begins dating a fellow counselor and teacher by the name of Ken.

Then a new youth pastor, who she assists at her church, makes it obvious he is interested in her. A third man shows up from her past. Her sisters tease her about her suitors, but only one will win her heart.

Sara becomes close to one of her clients, a young woman named Fran, who has had addiction problems. Sara helps her to lean on God and return to her family.

A medical emergency and a disclosed secret turn Sara's life upside down. Who will be the one she will share her life with? 

A Long Way to Go (Historical) Rating: Warm
When her pastor arrives at her doorstep with David Harper, a stranger looking for work, the young widow, Rachel Miller, agrees to provide room and board in exchange for help on her farm. As David prepares to travel with the 1843 wagon train across the Oregon Trail, he proposes marriage to Rachel. Her decision is based on her need for a husband for herself and a father for her three young children. The hardships of the journey west can either bring the couple together or destroy hopes of ever having a marriage based on love. The story of six families bonding throughout the trip creates an authentic view of the early settlers and their ordeals in expanding this nation in the nineteenth century. 


susan said...

June your books sounds very good and ones I sure wish I had in my church library here in PA. I too live in PA close to Lewisburg where you find Bucknell U. We were just in your former area as we were in Tannersville at the Chartue Resorts to visit a friend of mine from Nashville, TN. I have a table for author's promo items and would love some of yours to show my readers what is out there to buy and read. My church is a small rural church and the library was started to serve the rural area and it has been a big success. Love to hear from you about items for my table and I do not charge to place them on the table and promote for you. sue Leech address is: Sue Leech, 1273 Strahan rd., New Columbia, PA 17856

susan said...

Anne, I sent my review in for the book you just sent me Fire and Ash. I took it with me to the library today and read the whole thing right there. What a great book. It is now on the table and I will loan it out with special instructions to take care of it as it is authographed to me and I cherish that very much. I hope some of the readers will want to get out and buy it for their own libraries at home. Thanks so much for sharing. I did not want to give any spoilers in my review so I mostly wrote what I felt about reading the book. If you ever need a review and want one from me just let me know. Glad to do it. Sue Leech, 1273 Strahan rd., New Columbia, PA 17856

susan said...

forgot to say where I sent the sue

Anne Patrick said...

Thank you, Sue! I'm thrilled you enjoyed the story. And thank you for leaving a review of it on Amazon.