Thursday, February 16, 2012

New Release from Larry Hammersley

Bess Simpson, a sharp college student in engineering, wasn’t into checking out the men on campus but one in particular, Art Fuller, did catch her eye. She perceives she’s overweight despite her best friend, Milla, telling her otherwise. Can Bess catch Art’s eye and capture his heart when he is dating Angie, the petite drum major for the marching band? Will being a top student in aeronautical engineering and a math whiz help her sway Art her way as she tutors him in math? What happens when she meets Angie on two different occasions?

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Bess ran a comb through her silky hair one more time, and drew a deep breath when she spotted Art riding his bicycle up the sidewalk to the house. He parked his Raleigh three-speed, removed his books from the baskets hung on the back fender, and took long, powerful strides to her front door. Before he could push the doorbell, she opened the door. Does he suspect I was anxious for him to arrive? She hoped not.

“Hi Art. Come in and we’ll settle on the couch for the help session.” Bess couldn’t contain her swallowing, but she did manage to quench her sigh as she tried an inconspicuous scan of him.

His broad shoulders, bulging biceps, narrow waist, square jaw, sensitive brown eyes, and big but attractive nose never failed to do a number on her, especially at close range.

“I sound like a stuck record, but I really appreciate you helping me with Diffie Q. Next year I’ll have a couple of metallurgical courses dealing with aerodynamics, and they’re laced with a lot of high-powered math, too,” Art said. Bess loved his deep bass voice.

“Glad to help. Since I’m in aeronautical engineering I could help you with those courses, too. But let’s see what you have this evening.” Bess sat down; sorry the couch sank so low under her weight, even though she knew Art’s solid muscular body would even things out.

“Story problems. I just can’t set the equations up for them.” Art sat close beside her. She inhaled and almost forgot to exhale, and thanked the Lord she had an ability to be a math whiz, including in that prayer her gratefulness that this gift, at least temporarily, paired her up with Art.