Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Theresa Stillwagon's Renovations

Blurb for Renovations --

Was she making a big mistake?

Megan Callaway now owned Green Oaks Plantation, with all of its outbuildings and forest of trees and grass – and problems. She planned on changing it into a bed and breakfast. Yet she didn’t have complete control. She would have to agree on everything with Andy Perry, the president of the local historical group.

The man didn’t want to see anything change on the property.

Megan wanted to demolish all the outer buildings except an old-fashion outdoor kitchen.

Sparks fly every time the two get together.

But it’s not until her past starts catching up to her, things get interesting.

Would Megan really be able to let go?

Excerpt --

A slight grin lifted his lips as if saying, Why are you hiding from me? She fisted her hands together, forcing her fingers away from her glasses.

His grin faded. "Look, I'm trying to tell you I'm sorry for how I acted the other day."

"I accept your apology."

He stepped past her on the stairs, stopping her halfway down them. Eye to eye, she was forced to look directly in to his astonishing brown ones. She'd never seen eyes the color of this man's before, brown with little hints of caramel coloring reflecting brilliant in the harsh light of the stairwell. A woman could never be safe with a man with eyes like his. Mysterious, full of promises. She suddenly wanted to agree to those promises.

No, no, no.

"You're not acting like a woman who has just accepted a man's apology."

Pulling her gaze from his, she slid past him and raced down the stairs.


Oh, how foolish could one woman be? Part of the reason she'd driven eight hundred miles was to get away from a man who'd promised her the world. She definitely didn't plan to get involved in any way with another one for the same reasons.

She heard him calling her name, but she ignored him. The front entrance came into view as she swallowed bitter tears. Before she reached it, a hard hand stopped her. She jerked out of his grip and turned toward him.

"Are you okay?"

Megan couldn't talk as she fought her tears.

He dropped his hands and backed away from her. "Now I've made you cry."


His eyes widened at her negative answer. "Then why are you?"

"I don't..." She didn't know what to tell him because she wasn't sure why. "Sometimes women just... need to cry." What the hell is wrong with me anyway? "I'm overwhelmed by all that's happening now."

He looked chastised. "My attitude certainly isn't helping you, is it?"

"No." She blew out a relieving breath. "But I'll be all right."

His steady glance told her he didn't quite believe her.

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