Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Christina's Journey to Publication

Every path is different to publication so it's best not to judge yours by others. It's easy to get demoralized and question your ability when comparing accomplishments. The times when I sit and stack where I'm at with my writing career against another, I always come away feeling a down and wondering why I am bothering. But I do know why I bother. I can't. There's something inside of me compelling me to write. There are stories in my head that want out and won't quiet until I get them onto the computer.

I have had some ups and downs along the way to publication: a publisher going out of business, two maybes where I spent many months editing a book only to be told no at the end, trying to change my voice and style to please others. I finally found that 'open door' again when I wrote the story I wanted to tell and sent that story to the publisher rather than the other way around.

The advice I wish I had taken to heart a lot sooner than I did was to be true to yourself. Be true to your writer's voice and the story you need to tell. That is when the words come out the most pure and will touch those that read them.