Monday, October 31, 2011

Romantic Times gave Renegade Hearts 4 Stars!

"Anne Patrick’s realistic depiction of cattle ranching is what makes this story sing. Readers will feel like they are on Jenny’s spread with her, looking out at her fields and animals. The amount of detail that the author uses for the setting is also carried through with the characters. The multidimensional Jenny and Gil really get to know each other before starting up their romance. And they never shy away from discussing important things like Jenny's deceased husband and Gil’s time in the war. The pair also discusses their faith in God, which leaves the reader with a subtle, yet inspiring message of hope."

Single mother Jenny Holloway has her hands full running a 1200-acre ranch, and keeping her daredevil son out of the emergency room. So when her foreman suggests she hire on his son Gil Montgomery, who just got home from the war, Jenny jumps at the opportunity of having another skilled cowboy around.

Gil was used to taking orders, even from women. What he wasn’t prepared for was the feelings this little firecracker of a woman triggered in him. Jenny is a lot like the bronco she’s rescued and is now trying to break. The unexpected death of her husband has left her jaded and afraid to risk her heart getting broken again. Somehow, he has to gain her trust and prove that he isn’t going anywhere.
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