Thursday, October 27, 2011

Michelle Sutton's In Sheep's Clothing

About In Sheep's Clothing...

When entrepreneur Stephanie Miller meets successful accountant Jacob Wells, sparks fly, but at least they're the good kind. Their initial attraction to each other is evident, and their business skills compliment each other. Unfortunately they've both had bad luck with love in the past, but this time God is part of their relationship. So what could go wrong with a match made in heaven? For one, Stephanie launches a business with a new friend without telling Jacob about it. Oh, and that friend just happens to be someone Jacob used to date; someone who wants to break them up for her own nefarious reasons. Will Stephanie listen to her new best friend, or will she listen to her heart?


Jacob hopped out of the car, intending to open her door. Before he could get around to opening her door, she stood and shut it.

Jacob chuckled and held up a finger. "Rule number one. You wait for me when we're together. I don't want you getting out by yourself when I can be chivalrous about it."

She blinked like it had never occurred to her that someone would get her door. What kind of lame pups had she dated before?

"I'm sorry. I didn't realize men still did that. Because I drove here I didn't think to wait."

"That's just because you've never met the right man before." He winced as he realized how presumptuous that sounded, not to mention cocky. He tried again. "I want you to feel special when you're with me, because you are. Special, I mean."

"Is that right?" Smirking, she held out her arm and allowed him to loop his arm through hers and lead her to the restaurant.

She started to reach for the door handle and he nudged her out of the way. "Chivalrous, remember? I need to do this for you. Keeps me in line."

Her brows lifted in surprise. "Is there something I need to be worried about?"

He chuckled. "That was just a saying. I'm really a pretty good guy. Very harmless."

Her wry smile told him that he had spread it on a bit too thick. He needed to chill before he scared her off, or they'd never have a chance to get better acquainted. They stepped inside the restaurant and he waved at the owner.

Jacob shot up two fingers. His friend approached and knuckle punched him. "Hey, Jake. How's it going these days?"

"Going good." He tipped his hand toward Stephanie and then moved it toward Brent. "Brent, Stephanie. Stephanie, Brent."

"Nice to meet you, Stephanie." Brent took her hand and shook it.

Jacob couldn't help noticing that his friend held her hand a bit too long. Was Brent also making eyes at her? Good grief. If he bent forward and kissed her knuckles, Jacob would have to walk out before Brent stole another woman from him. Brent had always had a way with the ladies in high school. His muscular build and roguish smile had stolen a number of hearts, making him more popular than Jacob. Nothing seemed to have changed for Brent in that respect. He was still single and a real player. The fact that he was practically mooning over Stephanie right now was unsettling, to say the least.

He had always genuinely liked Brent, but at the moment his nice guy persona had gone underground and he started feeling prickly toward him. Maybe they had more negative history than he remembered, because right now he felt threatened by his friend flirting with his date.

Jacob cleared his throat and put a protective arm around Stephanie and hoped Brent took the hint. "Don't you already have a girlfriend?"

Brent shrugged as if he hadn't heard what Jacob had said. Brent asked Stephanie, "So where'd you meet my goofy friend here?"

"At church. We met about a month ago, right, Jacob?" She pulled her hand from Brent's and offered him a strained smile. Jacob wasn't the brightest bulb, but even he knew when someone was uncomfortable. He needed to get her away from Brent.

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