Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Janet's Chosen Genres

Since I bill myself as eclectic writer I suppose this means I write in a number of genres. There are some I haven't tried and some I'll never try. I think my writing generally parallels what I like to read and I've been reading since I was three and discovered the joy of the library. So let's see what I do write.

Mysteries and suspense. My mysteries are generally cozy and I do enjoy reading cozy mysteries. There are also those suspense novels. I've written one that's a medical suspense and a second one that deals with hospital politics. I like writing these because when doing them I must have a tight plot and make sure I plant the clues with care.

Fantasies are another area where I love to read. My fantasies range in scope from YA to adult. Many of them can be read by those of any generation and some are strictly adult. I love the way fantasy allows me to stretch my imagination. Fantasy also allows me to use Astrology and my dabbling in ESP and magic to plot the stories.

Now we come to romance and I've written many different kinds of romance from contemporary to historical to fantasy and alternate world. My romances run the gamet from sweet to spicy. Romance has fascinated me since I read Anna Karenina in third grade. Some people say that's not really a romance but since I thought the ending should be changed to a happy one, to me it was. I began writing "sweet nurse" romances because everything I read about writing said to write what you know and I knew nurses and doctors. Since I was a nurse. One reason is that I didn't have to do the heavy research. The facts were at my fingertips.

Once I wrote short stories and that what when I began writing. They were short and easier to plot at that time. I no longer write them because it's hard to rein myself in.

I still toy with poetry and I have had some published but poetry is for the love of words and mostly for myself.

Now we come to non-fiction. I've published four in this area. Three were done as a ghost-writer and the reason was that they paid well and I had the ability to translate doctor words into those the average person could understand. The other was with a friend and was done for the fun and the challenge.


marybelle said...

I think it makes sense to write about what you would enjoy reading.


sue hieber said...

personally i love to read mysteries with suspense coming in a very close second, but sometimes when i am desperate for reads, i will take on a paranormal, but not usually a romance). keep up the good works. sue