Friday, September 30, 2011

Author of the Month Amy Corwin

[Anne] Name one of your favorite books as a child.

[Amy] The Swiss Family Robinson by Johann David Wyss. I remember it so well because I was in the first grade and my dad was reading it to me at bedtime. He got about half-way through and then he didn’t show up one night to read me another chapter. I got out of bed and asked him why he hadn’t tucked me in and read to me. He said, “If you want to know what happens, you’re going to have to read it, yourself.”

ARGH! Talk about tough love. Needless to say, I did read it, and it remains one of my favorite books.

[Anne] Do you have a favorite author?

[Amy] I have lots of favorites, depending upon my mood. At the moment, I’m indulging in a Barbara Michaels binge. But I also love: Shirley Jackson (I always read The Haunting of Hill House at Halloween); Georgette Heyer; P.G. Wodehouse; and H. H. Munro.

[Anne] Out of all the books you’ve read, which one comes immediately to your mind? If there is a favorite scene you remember, please share.

[Amy] The first paragraph, which is incidentally also the last paragraph, in The Haunting of Hill House. Hill house had stood for fifty years and might stand for fifty more…

I don’t think I’ve ever read a better, more evocative paragraph in my entire life.

And whatever walks there, walks alone.

[Anne] Your favorite vacation spot (whether you have been there or not)?

[Amy] The Antarctic. My husband and I are planning a trip there after we retire. I can’t wait.

[Anne] Which would you rather have: A custom closet or a custom kitchen?

[Amy] Kitchen. Both my husband and I love to cook. In fact, we’re trying to save money to put in a new kitchen right now!

[Anne] It’s Saturday afternoon and you’re home alone. What are you wearing? And yes, you must have clothes on.

[Amy] I sew and make a lot of cotton wide-legged slacks. I’m always wearing them because I can move around easily. Those and a T-shirt.

[Anne] What’s your favorite dish?

[Amy] Food. LOL, I’ll eat just about anything. I do love curried chicken, though.

[Anne] Other than writing, what do you enjoy doing?

[Amy] Birdwatching. My husband and I are both birders. Or twitchers, depending upon which side of “the pond” you’re on.

[Anne] You’ve just landed a multi-book contract with a major publisher! Which vehicle would we be more likely to see you driving after you’ve collected your huge advance: a Hummer, RV, truck, muscle car, or BMW?

[Amy] My current 10-year old car. Sorry, but cars don’t do anything for me except get me from point A to point B. But I’m torn between a real Hummer (not one of those pathetic urban ones) and something like a tank. Something that will get me to the back of beyond without getting stuck in the mud.

[Anne] What’s your favorite television show? Movie?

[Amy] The defunct “Gil Mayo Mysteries”. It was on for a very short time, but I loved every minute of it. I wish it would come on in reruns somewhere or be available as a DVD set.

[Anne] You’ve won a talent show! What act did you perform?

[Amy] Are you sure you’re feeling okay? You don’t have a fever, do you? How about…comedy. I could probably do that as long as someone wrote the material for me. And someone else was able to do the bit on stage.

[Anne] Would you rather have the power to be invisible or be able to fly, and why?

[Amy] I don’t see the point in being invisible. You’re far too likely to hear the truth about yourself and frankly, who wants that? Flying might be nice as it seems practical. No more strip searches at airports and all.

[Anne] What was one of the most surprising things you learned during your journey to publication?

[Amy] That you have to walk barefoot in the snow up a hill both freakin’ ways. It never gets easier. In fact, the more you know, the more you know you don’t know anything…so you’re constantly working harder to try to create that story ricocheting around in your head.

[Anne] What was the most interesting research you did for a book?

[Amy] The history of roses. No wait, the historical uses for cyanide. No wait, Captain Barclay…. There’s so much and it’s so much fun, but I really did get absorbed by the history of roses and the development of the Hybrid Tea that we know today.

[Anne] Where do you go when you need to get inspired to write?

[Amy] Outside. Birdwatching is terrific inspiration for some bizarre reason.

[Anne] Do you have any writing quirks?

[Amy] You have to be mega-quirky to write in the first place. I hope I’m not any weirder that most other writers, but I have the bad feeling that I’m just kidding myself. I actually just sit down and write. Nothing special, I’m afraid. Although I do have a blood-spattered decal on my laptop.

[Anne] What do you think makes a good story?

[Amy] Interesting characters and lots of unexpected twists.

[Anne] What are you working on now?

[Amy] I’m about to send a Christmas mystery novella to an editor. After that, I’m hoping to finish up another historical mystery (featuring Pru Barnard and Knighton Gaunt from The Vital Principle) which has been a lot of fun to plot. I’m learning all about mazes and the history of mazes…very interesting.

[Anne] What's one of the more interesting experiences you've had with one of your readers?

[Amy] I have readers? Oh, yeah, well…. This is a tough one. Most of my readers seem abnormally normal and behave impeccably, so other than a few really nice remarks, I’m afraid there’s no juicy gossip to be had.

[Anne] Complete this scene: It was raining. The man came out of nowhere, and before I knew it....

[Amy] he kissed me. It wasn’t until he disappeared down an alley that I realized he’d stolen my wallet and my bra. I’m still trying to figure out the bra thing.

But at least he left me my umbrella.

[Anne] What a fun interview! I love your sense of humor, Amy. Folks, be sure to visit often and post comments throughout the month for a chance to win one of Amy's books.  She will give away winner's choice of either The Vital Principle or The Necklace.  In either format (ebook or print).  If the chosen winner lives outside the U.S. they will receive an ebook. 

Amy's Bio:

Amy Corwin is a charter member of the Romance Writers of America and recently joined Mystery Writers of America. She has been writing for the last ten years. She writes historical and cozy mysteries. To be truthful, most of her books include a bit of murder and mayhem since she discovered that killing off at least one character is a highly effective way to make the remaining ones toe the plot line.

Amy’s books include the three Regency romantic mysteries, I BID ONE AMERICAN, THE BRICKLAYER’S HELPER, and THE NECKLACE; Regency mysteries, THE VITAL PRINCIPLE, and A ROSE BEFORE DYING; and her first cozy mystery, WHACKED!, will come out in 2012 from Five Star.

Join her and discover that every good romance has a touch of mystery.


Book Links

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Sarah J. McNeal said...

The Haunting of Hill house was scary enough as a movie--can't imagine the nightmares I'd have from reading the book.
The Antartic? Now that's different. I wonder if you could hitch a ride on the Steve Erwin and do some whale warfare?
Loved your interview. You are quite an interesting person.
I wish you every success.

Gina said...

Hi Amy,
Great to meet you. Very nice interview. About the Antarctic -- Sarah and I are in agreement about Whale Wars and Paul Watson! And I love your take on quirky writers. Best of luck with your writing.

Anne, your blog is fabulous!

Anne Patrick said...

Hi Sarah and Gina! I'd have to pass on the Antartic. Not that I wouldn't mind a ride on the Steve Erwin. I just hate the cold :).

Thank you both for dropping by in support of Amy.

Gail Pallotta said...

What a fun interview and an interesting person from bird watching to murder and mayhem. Gotta' never get bored. Congratulations on your book.

Danielle Thorne said...

What an awesome interview and great sense of humor! Amy, I've heard so much about you, I'm going to have to check out your books. Congrats on your releases and best wishes to you and all your quirks!

Larry Hammersley said...

Hi Amy: Nice interview and catchy answers for Anne and the rest of us. Antartic is where I'd like to visit too. Fascinating continent with all the science stations and amateur radio operators there. I've talked to several of them via Morse Code. Fascinating books you have. Best of success on sales. I have your name on my list to pick up one of your books, but have not decided which one yet.

Anne Patrick said...

Hi Gail, Dani & Larry,
Thank you for your comments. Amy is a very interesting person and her books sound wonderful.

Laurean Brooks said...

Hee-hee-hee. You are so funny, Amy. I'll bet you keep your friends and family laughing.

I'm still trying to figure out the Antartic trip? Br-rrrr! Are you sure you wouldn't prefer a tropical island?

I guess it depends on whether you prefer sunburn to frostbite. Hmmm.

Here's wishing you God's blessing on all your endeavors.

Amy said...

Thank you so much for your comments! I had a blast and maybe I'll see some of you visiting the Antartic!