Sunday, August 14, 2011

Karen Wiesner Returns!

I’m pleased to have Karen back with us! Today she shares why she writes in her chosen genre.

As you can see by my biography, I write in just about every genre. The story dictates the genre in every case, but it’s a rare event that one of my stories doesn’t contain a romance in there somewhere. In the last year, almost all of my stories have been inspirational romances—whether contemporary or with a mystery/suspense angle. While I’ll continue to write in other genres as the individual stories dictate, inspirational romance is becoming my “main” genre. I felt very led by the Lord to go in this direction, and, so far, it’s been an amazing blessing.

I guess I can’t choose my favorite writing genre because, like in my eclectic reading, I’m enjoying myself so much with each one. Bottom line, there are worlds to discover everywhere. Besides, writing a different genre keeps me refreshed, since I don’t think I could stand to write in the same one always. I love that I’m never writing the same thing. If you read my work, you’ll always get something new and different. To me, the greatest part of being a writer is going anywhere my imagination takes me. For a breakdown of all my books based on genre, visit

Karen’s recent & upcoming releases include:

Baby, Baby, Book 1 of the Family Heirloom Series reissue (inspirational romance) - Coming April 2011

Shadow Boxing, Book 2 of the Family Heirloom Series reissue (inspirational romance) - Coming May 2011

Souls on (B)Oring Street, Book 3 of the Denim Blues Mysteries Trilogy (inspirational romantic mystery) - Coming June 2011

Foolish Games, Book 3 of the Family Heirloom Series reissue (inspirational romance) - Coming July 2011

Incognito Series Megabook, Volume 4 (romantic suspense) - Coming Summer 2011 in electronic formats

“Wings of Love” {Cowboy Fever Series, Book 1} in Christmas Gems, A Jewels of the Quill Christmas Anthology (contemporary romance) - Coming September 2011

Shards of Ashley, Book 5 of the Family Heirloom Series (inspirational romance) - Coming September 2011

Wow!  You’re a busy lady, my friend! I wish you continued success in all your writing endeavors!


Diane Craver said...

It's fortunate for all your readers that you write in so many genres!

I loved reading your Denim Blues mystery, Retired And On The Rocks and your Family Heirlooms inspirational romance, Glass Angels.

Anne Patrick said...

Thanks for dropping by, Diane. Karen's books do look awesome. I have several on my TBR list :).

Karen Wiesner said...

Thanks, ladies. It's been a great month, Anne. I appreciate all your hard work. : )

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Faith Hope Cherrytea said...

finding author interviews always fascinating as their journeys vary in so many ways. thanks, Karen, for sharing yours and doing what you're called to do...