Thursday, July 21, 2011

Coming Attraction in Deadly Triad by Nancy Kay

Book two in my Deadly Triad is entitled Deadly Revenge. Introduced in Deadly Reflection, this story spotlights a strong sometimes feisty woman named Ada Blaine whose life has been a series of ups and downs since the devastating loss of her beloved husband. Facing life virtually alone shaped Ada into a strong, independent, successful woman. She found solace in tending her bountiful herb gardens and, using the skills and a love of gardening passed on by her beloved grandmother, created a thriving business.

Relatively happy and content living in the close knit community of Pine Bluffs, Pennsylvania, Ada opens her arms, and her heart, when the niece of her long deceased sister pops into her life. Her niece, Cassi, awakens long dormant feelings within Ada as she witnesses the young woman falling in love with handsome Nick McGraw and senses a void in her own life.

Rich McConnell, the handsome owner of the town's hardware store, has a checkered past. Like Ada, he's settled for a successful business and a few close friends. Then Ada shows up at a mutual friend's Christmas Eve bash looking nothing like the friendly, down to earth gardener who occasionally visits Rich's store for supplies. To his amazement, and delight, Ada evolved from somewhat attractive, into drop-dead gorgeous

But within months, as they began to explore their newfound mutual attraction, a rifle shot and a near miss set in motion a series of threats that Rich suspects are tied to his past. Ada is hurt, and angry, to think he's backing away from her due to some misplaced guilt.

Sweet, touching passion and determination come together, creating a story of late in life love found amidst spine tingling danger for Rich and Ada.