Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Familiar Evil Book Trailer & Excerpts

Excerpt One

He watched Jordan walk from her black SUV into the police department, adjacent to city hall. He’d been so close to her this morning he could almost see her facial expressions. He closed his eyes and visualized her walking along the trail. Her scent had lingered long after she’d gone, as if it had permeated every leaf in the forest. He recalled how she had peered into the darkness, almost looking right at him.

Had she sensed his presence? Was she scared? She had been the last time they met. He wished he’d been close enough to her this morning to hear what she was saying. Did she tell the good doctor about the last time she was in that section of the woods? Had she shared any of the intimate moments of her captivity?

He let out a contented sigh. It seemed a lifetime ago.

So many years had passed since that summer. His summer of discovery, he liked to call it. It was when the beast inside him was born. The hunger for complete dominance first realized. He wondered if Jordan knew she was responsible for that evolution. She had made him see his full potential, awakened a sleeping giant that begged to be turned loose on the world.

He scanned the street. People passed him as if he was invisible to them—but not for long. Soon, the whole world would know of the Musical Strangler.

Excerpt Two

Inside Seth’s kitchen, Jordan opened the refrigerator and took out the pitcher of iced tea. Her heart continued to race. Sam had no right to put her on the spot like that. He knew Seth and Ellie were on his side and that in their opinion she was blowing things out of proportion. He was using them to bully his way back into her life and she didn’t like it one bit.

The screen door opened and closed. Jordan didn’t have to look to know it was Sam.

“Commitment isn’t our problem, Jordan. It’s communication.” His voice drew closer as he crossed the room. “Why is it you can talk to your family and friends about our marriage, but you can’t talk to me about it?”

“I’m not the one that brought it up. Ellie did.” She twirled around and glared at him as he leaned across the counter. “You should know. You probably put her up to it.”

“What are you talking about?”

The door opened and Ellie walked in. “Guys, please don’t argue. I feel like this is my fault. I shouldn’t have said anything, Jordan. I’m sorry.”

Jordan ignored her apology and continued to stare at Sam. He stared back.

“Come on guys, this is ridiculous,” Ellie said, moving closer. “If you two would just sit down and talk... Jordan if you would just tell him.”

“Shut up, Ellie!”

Sam’s eyes narrowed on Jordan. “Tell me what?”


Sam glanced over his shoulder, “Tell me what, Ellie?”

Jordan shifted her glare to Ellie, and hoped like crazy she’d keep her mouth shut.

Ellie shook her head before walking back outside.

“What’s going on here, Jordan?” When she didn’t answer, he came around the counter. “I asked you a question.”

“I told her I was confused about us.” It was the only answer she could afford to give him.

“Confused how?” he asked in a much softer tone.

She leaned against the sink for support. All the suppressed emotions bubbled to the surface. “My feelings toward you.”

“Do you still love me, Jordan?”

Tears welled in her eyes. “I’m not sure how I feel about you, Sam.” He moved toward her, but she stopped him with a palm to his chest. “One thing I do know is I can never trust you again.”

Sam started to speak as his cell phone rang. He took it from his pocket and answered it, “Agent Russell.”

Jordan hurriedly brushed her tears away and placed the pitcher back in the refrigerator.

“I’ll have to call you back.”

She placed her empty glass in the sink then turned to face him. “Was that Darcy?”

He hesitated briefly. “Yes, but—”

She started to brush past him and he grabbed her arm.

“She’s my partner, Jordan. That’s it, I swear.”

Jordan stared at him through teary eyes. “I don’t believe you.”

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Laurean Brooks said...


You really know how to build the tension in a scene, then leave the reader hanging.

Here's wishing you mega sales on this, your latest awesome suspense.