Thursday, January 13, 2011

Valentine Kindle Giveaway!

Share your favorite Valentine Day memory for a chance to win a Kindle WiFi. Contest begins January 13th and runs through midnight (CST) February 13th. Winner to be announced Valentine’s Day (sorry, US residents only). I’ll also be giving away three of my ebooks (open to international entries), and a $20 gift certificate to Amazon or Here’s what to do:

Post your Valentine’s Day memory (must be G-rated of course) here for one entry.  Please make sure you leave contact info of some sort if it's not in your profile.

Become a follower of my blog (be sure to mention in your post) for one entry.

Subscribe to my newsletter via contact form at my website or email for one entry.

Advertise this contest (only once a week please) and send the link to annepatrick07[at]yahoo[dot]com . Put ADVERTISE VKG in the subject line for one entry.

Review one of my books, post your review online at, or and send the link to me at annepatrick07[at]yahoo[dot]com. Put BOOK REVIEW VKG in the subject line for two entries. Only one review per book.

Answer correctly five of the following questions via email for three entries.

1. What is the name of Mackayla’s dog in Every Skull Tells a Story?

2. Who looks after Mackayla’s place when she’s out of town in Every Skull Tells a Story.

3. What is the name of Morgan’s captain in Journey to Redemption?

4. Tell me the name of Jared’s dog in Journey to Redemption.

5. What gift did Logan give Erin in Lethal Dreams to win her over?

6. What does Marcus Wheeler do for a living in Lethal Dreams?

7. What ministry did Erin start in Lethal Dreams?

8. Where does Royce live in Out of the Darkness?

9. Tell me the name of Royce’s son in Out of the Darkness.

10. Who is Sadie’s aunt in Fire and Ash?

11. What is the name of Kelsey’s dog in Fire and Ash?

12. What is Sadie’s favorite meal in Fire and Ash?

13. Who is Anne’s favorite author? (answer can be found on my website)

14. What is the first song on Anne’s playlist that she listens to? (answer can be found here on my website)

15. Name the state where Anne was born? (answer can be found here on my website)

Have fun, and good luck!


Tracy said...

What a fun contest!

My favorite Valentine memory was the first one spent with my husband. I didn't have any money, but wanted to do something fun for him. I found some paper in various shades of pink, and cut out dozens of hearts.

Then, I wrote little notes on them that said things like, "You make my heart sing" and "Kiss Me!" and "I LUV U!" Then, I hid them all over the house where he would find them as he got ready for work or went throughout the day (I even tucked a couple into his lunch and into his work pants.) I hid them under his pillow and behind his toothbrush. He found them all throughout the day, and we still laugh at his reaction.

We kept most of them, and occasionally still pass them to one another as a surprise treat years later.

SheilaG said...

My best Valentine memory is my hubby & I went out for dinner, then spent the night in a hotel room while my sister watched the kids. Chocolate covered strawberries in the room- yum! You said g-rated, so I'll stop now. :)

SheilaG said...

I'm a follower of you blog!

Anne Patrick said...

Hi Tracy! Thank you for sharing your fav Valentine's Day with us. What a fun way to spend the day! I bet hubby enjoyed it as much as any gift you've given him since.

Also, thanks for signing up for my newsletter.

Anne Patrick said...

LOL. Thanks, SheilaG for keeping your memory G-rated. There's nothing better than chocolate covered strawberries!

Charmaine Clancy said...

Yay the Kindle revolution! I love mine :-)

I'll claim I'm not entering because I'm in Australia (and not because my husband forgets it's Valentine's Day every year until about 6pm on the day and rushes to the supermarket for the last dodgy card left).

SheilaG said...

Oh, and I subscribe to your newsletter! :)

Anne Patrick said...

Correction, six entries, Sheila. Them darn voices :-0.

Anne Patrick said...

Hi Charmaine! Well you have to give him credit he at least remembers, right?

I'm tossing your name in the hopper for a free ebook. I'm giving three away (winners choice).

Good luck everyone! This is going to be fun :-).

Alley Wilkerson said...

My favorite Valentine memory is when my darling hubby surprised me with weekend ski trip to Vermont, minus the little kiddies.


I've also subscribed to your newsletter and now I'm going to go answer some questions. I just finished reading Fire and Ash so I already know some of them. Awesome book by the way!

Anonymous said...

My favorite Valentine's Day memory:
I was at work, and me and this guy who had just started working there got into a conversation. He said he was going to hang out with his girlfriend that day, but "forgot to get one". So, on a whim, we went on a sorta-date together (we went for a drive to a reservation to buy cigarettes lol)...and 7 years later, we're married and still very much in love, with a beautiful 4 year old daughter!

dogwood said...

Great contest!

One of my favorite Valentine's Day memories is actually from the first grade. A boy in the second grade brought my a box of chocolate as big as my head. His face was as red as the box when he ran in, dropped it on my desk, and ran off. We went to school together until we graduated, though we never dated.

My husband and I usually just have a nice dinner at home and let the kiddo spend the night with her grandparents - a rare treat!

dogwoodlane at suddenlink dot net

dogwood said...

blog follower

dogwoodlane at suddenlink dot net

Krafty said...

My husband proposed to me on Valentine's Day (over 20 years and two daughters ago) as we were watching a movie on the sofa and eating popcorn. I started choking and he Heimliched me and then begged me to live until our wedding day.

Anne Patrick said...

LOL. Krafty, what a memory :-). Congratulations on 20 years! That's wonderful. And thank you for sharing your Valentine memory. I'm glad hubby to be was able to save you.

Anne Patrick said...

Alley, I have your entries down. I'm glad you liked Fire and Ash and were able to answer the questions correctly.

Jeanette & Dogwood, I enjoyed your memories. Thank you for sharing and I have your entries down.

Good luck to everyone! Thanks so much for playing along.

Dawn said...

My favorite Valentine memory is when my husband sent me out for a massage. When I came home the entire house was cleaned and he had fixed us a romantic dinner.

Dawn said...

I follow you on google friend.

Anne Patrick said...

Hi Dawn!
Wow,a massage, a clean house and dinner. Now that's a nice Valentines Day.

Thanks for entering my contest. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this wonderful contest!

My Valentine's day memory is of last year, our first year together as man and wife. We don't have a lot of money at the moment, in fact at the time we were struggling a little, so going out for a fancy meal was not an option. I changed all the lighting in our bedroom and set up a little bar with an antique champagne bucket. It was very romantic. We exchanged little tokens of affection with each other and had a wonderful night. I also found a cheesy old 'enchanted evening' board game from I'm guessing the 70s-80s that I pulled out for us to play. It had us rolling over with laughter. As romantic as it was, it's the laughter that we remember most.

Thank you
Chad K

Anne Patrick said...

What a great memory, Chad. Thanks for sharing it with us. I wish you and your wife MANY more years together!

Natalie U. said...

My best memory is 5 years ago when my husband totally suprised me telling me to get a little dressed up to go out to dinner and we ended up on the coast, eating at a restaurant called Shadowbrook which is absolutely romantic and then driving back to Half Moon Bay and staying at the Ritz Carlton which is over the top...I absolutely loved every moment and will always treasure it!

Natalie U. said...

your new GFC follower
pedidentalasst at yahoo dot com

Natalie U. said...

I subscribe to your email
pedidentalasst at yahoo dot com

wigget said...

my favorite was my first valentine's day with my now husband. he made me dinner and we took a luxurious bubble bath.

Anne Patrick said...

Wow, the Ritz Carlton! Sounds like you definitely have a keeper there, Natalie :-). Thanks for sharing and good luck!

Anne Patrick said...

Dinner and a bubble bath is great too, Wigget. Must have chocolate covered strawberries though :-).
Thanks for sharing!

Cassie Simmons said...

My favorite Valentines Day was two years ago. My husband picked the boys up from school and dropped them off at my moms. When I got off work he was waiting at my car with a single red rose. At this point I thought 'how cheap can he be' and figured dinner at Wendys or maybe my fav diner in town. Lo and behold he took me to the city where we ate at Red Lobster and spent the night at a Bed and Breakfast he'd made reservations at months in advance. How sweet is that!

Cassie Simmons said...

I'm already a follower of your blog and I receive your newsletter. Congrats on your bestseller status! Not surprised though, both Fire and Ash and Sabotage are great books! When is your next one coming out? Soon I hope!

Anne Patrick said...

Thank you for your wonderful comments, Cassie! Sounds like you have a great man there. I'd keep him :-).

My next book, A Familiar Evil, is scheduled to release May 1st. Also, Kill Shot (book one in my Wounded Heroes series) will release in November. It's going to be a busy year!

Anonymous said...

Valentine Day is still very special to me as that was the day I married my sweetheart. I had 31 years of special memories with him before he was taken home to be with his Lord. We also wrote notes to each other. I made a scrapbook with all his letters to me, they are a great comfort. Mary

annepatrick07 said...

Hi Mary,
I'm so sorry for your loss. A scrapbook of your memories would be a great comfort I would imagine.

You know with technology these days, I hear more and more people are storing all their photographs on discs etc. What happens when those become obsolete? Scrapbooking and photo albums are your safest bet. However I do store personal items on my external drive in case of fire or something. As a writer, I'm a firm believer in backing EVERYTHING up :-).

Thank you for sharing, and good luck!

marcusdweston said...

Hey ladies, thanks for all the great ideas! Unfortunately I’m not much of a romantic (just ask my wife) but I do try. I don’t know if she would agree or not but my favorite Valentine’s memory was shortly after we were married. Despite us both working we didn’t have much money to spare for gifts. It being our first Valentine’s Day as a married couple I wanted to do something special. I made reservations at her favorite restaurant and had tickets to a show she had been wanting to see. Unfortunately I was called in to work. I was working as an EMT at the time. When I got off my shift, I swung by and picked up a takeout order of Chinese food, Amy’s 2nd favorite, and drove home. To my surprise Amy had fixed my favorite dinner chicken fried steak and mashed potatoes. LOL. We spent the next couple of hours pigging out and know :-). Oh, and I did make up for it, I took her to see her show the following night.

I’m a follower, Anne, and we already receive your newsletter. We’re thrilled with the success you’ve had with your books and pray it continues.

Lucy said...

Great contest!
Marcus, you sound a lot like my husband :-). He's not much of a romantic but I know he loves me because he's put up with me for twenty-two years.

Our Valentine's Days are usually the same. He usually sends me flowers, when he remembers, and treats me to a nice dinner without the kids.

I signed up for your newsletter, Anne! Thanks for putting on this contest. Good luck everyone!

Anne Patrick said...

Marcus, thank you for your wonderful comments. I'm glad you dropped by and shared with us.

Anne Patrick said...

Hi Lucy! Thanks so much for signing up for my newsletter and for sharing with us. Congrats on 22yrs of marriage. Thats great!

Irene Jacobson said...

Believe it or not, now that the kids are out of the house, MDH is more romantic than ever. Last Valentine's Day he actually fixed dinner for me then took me to a dance at the local VFW.

I'm a follower, Anne, and I get your newsletter :-).


jtedd said...

My favorite Valentine memory is sitting at the kitchen table with my sisters picking out our Valentines for our different class members. We would laugh and talk and help each other decide...especially if there was a boy we liked in our class. It was great fun and makes me smile today even thinking about it. Oh, how simple life was!

Anonymous said...

My favorite valentine memory was last year. My husband doesn't have a romantic bone in his body, and I can't remember the last time I got flowers and a card, but lsat year be bought me the most beautiful necklace with all 4 of our birthstones on it (mine, his, and our 2 kids) it was very special!!

jessicaudd at yahoo dot come

Anonymous said...

I am a Blog Follower!!
I'm Not Your Everyday Average Mom

jessicaudd at yahoo dot come

Anonymous said...

We got to spend valentine's day in Hawaii last year, it was my first trip out of the states! Very special!!

thank you!!!


daudds at msn dot com

Carolyn said...

My favorite Valenting memory was when my husband made me fudge in the shape of a heart!

Anne Patrick said...

Wow, I'm way behind. Carolyn, Renee, Jesica, JTed, and Irene. Wow, what great memories. Hawaii this time of the year sounds very nice. So does fudge and a beautiful necklace, and who does like dinner and dancing :-). Thanks for sharing ladies, good luck!!!

chiefs1970 said...

My wife and I eloped in Chicago and had not returned together nearly 10 years as I had taken a job where I traveled there on a regular basis. My wife flew to Chicago and shopped on Valentine's Day while I was at work and surprised me when I returned to the hotel with romantic pink and white lights surrounding our bed and I had shopped for fudge and lingerie so it made for a memorable return to the Windy City.

Stacy said...

My favorite Valentine's Day memory is when my husband proposed! We had gone away for the weekend (V-Day was Saturday that year) and he waited until Sunday night after dinner to propose. It was pouring rain and he got down on his knee in a puddle, but it was memorable and we have been married for almost 8 years.

z. Smith said...

My favorite Valentine Memory does not involve my husband but my youngest son. When he was five, he locked himself in his bedroom all day. Then on Valentine day he presented me with this rough card he had made from bits and pieces he found here and there.

It was my best Valentine every!

z. Smith said...

I follow you on Google Friend Connect.

z. Smith said...

I subscribe to your newsletter via contact form at your website

Anne Patrick said...

Hi Chiefs, fudge and the windy city, what a combination :-).

Thanks for sharing!

Anne Patrick said...

Hi Stacy,
what a great memory, and congrats on almost 8yrs. Wish you many more happy years filled with lots of fond memories.

Anonymous said...

My husband is a HUGE romantic and he tries to make every Valentine's day special. But my favorite is still our first "official" Valentine's day as a couple. We'd gotten engaged Christmas Day after meeting for the very first time. (Long story short we met online through a Christian online dating service.)

We still lived lived several states apart so I wasn't expecting very much. However, he sure surprised me!

Valentine's Day that year was a work day so I went to work in my favorite red suit. First to arrive were 2 dozen red roses, for me! I was thrilled! Second to arrive... A barbershop quartet! To the delight of the entire office, watching as my face turned as red as my suit, they serenaded me with "Let Me Call You Sweetheart".

He managed to surprise me the following year, our first as a married couple, at my new work place with another barbershop quartet. What did they sing? "Let Me Call You Sweetheart"! :)

Anne C.
toms underscore lady at q dot com

I am following your blog via Google
& I requested to receive your newsletter

Anne Patrick said...

Hi Z!
Those homemade cards are the most special. Thanks so much for sharing and for signing up for my newsletter. Love your blog...great pictures.

Anne Patrick said...

Oh wow, Anne, that is so cool! Roses and a barbershop quartet. You are one lucky lady.

Thanks so much for sharing and for signing up for my newsletter.

babscorbitt said...

my best memory of valentines day was last year. i suffered a near fatal brain anurysim in late january of last year. it was so bad i was taken by ambulance to an out of state hospital. that is NOT the good part. the good part is when i got home, my daughter who lived over 8 hours away, quit her state job and moved in with me. she bought me a tabletop waterfall because she knew i loved the sound of flowing water. we both love the sound and were planning a trip to the ocean, something we both wanted to do before we died. tragically she passed away in my arms from an unknown blood clot. i had made her a quilt by hand with hearts all over it. now the thought of vaentines day is bittersweet. but that valentines day was by far my favorite. oh and i follow on gfc

babscorbitt said...

i forgot to put in the other comment that my daughter only lived with me four days when she passed away in my arms. her last words to me were that she was scared and not to leave her and that she loved me.

Anne Patrick said...

Hi Babs,
I'm sorry for your loss. It's understandable VD's day would be bittersweet. Thanksgiving and Christmas are like that for me because I lost my mom, brother, and sister-in-law close to the holidays. I'm glad your daughter was with you at the time of her death and that she wasn't alone. And that she was able to bring some joy to your life before the Lord took her home.

Thank you for sharing your story. I pray the Lord will be with you this Valentine's Day and in the days that follow bring peace and healing to your life.