Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fall Newsletter

If you haven’t already received my fall newsletter you can read it online. In this edition you'll learn where I found my first inspirations as a kid. Also I'm pleased to announce that Ties That Bind and Out of the Darkness have gone to print. Yaay! And you can read my latest reviews and news of upcoming releases! Oh, and you won't want to miss my author spotlight on a wonderful and inspiring lady named Sharon Donovan. Sharon has a new release out titled Her Biggest Fan. On a personal note, I ask that you keep Sharon in your prayers. In August she had a major heart attack, followed by a minor stroke. She was doing much better but this past week she had a minor setback and is back in ICU. So please keep Sharon in your daily prayers, and please read about her new release. She truly is a very gifted author and an amazing woman.

On the writing front, last week I went through the final round of edits on my November release, Sabotage. As soon as I receive my cover I’ll post it. I also have short story titled Christmas with Hope that will be coming out in a Christmas Anthology with Victory Tales Press in December. Other authors joining me in the anthology are Laurean Brooks, Paige Ryter, Celia Yeary, and Tara Manderino. This is my first short story, so I’m anxious to see how it turns out. You know you’d think a short story would be easier to write than a full length novel. Ha! Not so in my case. It took me three starts before I finally hit pay dirt. I had plenty of ideas but I’d get a chapter or two in and BAM...I’d hit a brick wall. Finally the characters from a novel I’d been planning to write for some time started nagging at me. I decided to listen and Christmas with Hope is the outcome. This will eventually flesh out into a full length novel though.

Speaking of nagging characters, two more have taken up residence in my head and they’re driving me nuts *grinning*. I love it when a new idea pops into my head, but sometimes it happens at the most inconvenient times. I’d finished my edits for Sabotage and had planned to get back to work on one of my WIP’s that I’ve been working on for a year now, hoping to finish it up. I’m getting so close...only about three or four chapters left...I think. Anyway, a friend of mine, who is a school teacher, emailed me and told me she had finished Fire and Ash and really loved it. She also suggested I write a story about a school teacher sometime. When I emailed her back I told her I’d been considering one for awhile (a couple of my other friends are school teachers too), but I needed to finish my other two WIP’s first. She told me when I was ready I could come and observe her classroom and she’d help me with the research. Well, that night I settled into my writing zone all geared up to finish my first draft - but no such luck. Instead, Trudy & Drew introduced themselves to me and have now moved in. Just what I need, more voices in my head. Now I can handle a couple of sets of characters, that’s the norm for me because I’m usually working on more than one novel at a time, but when you have three or four sets demanding your attention it gets a bit maddening. To pacify them, I did their character profiles and an outline of their story. Now, hopefully, they’ll keep quiet long enough for me to finish the first draft of A Familiar Evil.

Enjoy your week, my friends!