Monday, August 9, 2010

Sandra Sookoo Interview

Joining us today is Sandra Sookoo. Sandra is a writer of romantic fiction. Her portfolio includes historical, contemporary, sci-fi and paranormal romances. She loves to blend genres and spice them up and often times will add humor as well.

After catching the writing bug at the young age of ten, she’s gone on to grow her unique writing style. She’s a regular contributor for the Paranormal Romantic’s blog and has a great time keeping things interesting at the Believing is Seeing blog.

When not immersed in creating new worlds and interesting characters, Sandra likes to read, bake and travel. Her favorite place to spend vacation hours is Walt Disney World. It’s where dreams come true and the soul can play. That suits her just fine.

Writing is her ultimate dream job.

[Anne] When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?

[Sandra] From the day I realized I could put stories down onto notepaper! I was around 10 when I “wrote” my first “book”. I used all the neighborhood kids in the fantasy. Later in life, I burned it. lol

[Anne] Tell us about your latest book.

[Sandra] It’s called WEDGIE TALES AND PANTY LINES and it’s about an average woman living an average life with one exception: she accidentally becomes an underwear tester.

Here’s the blurb: When unassuming mail room worker Kate Little agrees to become an underwear tester for a marketing company, things get uncomfortable fast. Not only has she never worn “fancy” underpants before, she has to work closely with handsome marketing manager Bryan Eddleman and that’s enough to keep her in a constant state of confusion.

Trouble is Bryan’s competing with another manager for a promotion that hinges on the results of the test group. Kate can’t determine if his sudden interest is really in her or her surprisingly insightful weekly reports on foundation garments.

Add a jealous co-worker out to sabotage Kate’s budding love life, an overly helpful gay friend with nothing better to do than shove her into Bryan’s arms, and a rambunctious teacup dog to the chaos and you’ll have a typical day in Kate’s less than ordinary life.

The last thing she needs is panty lines.

Book video:

[Anne] What inspired you to write this story?

[Sandra] LOL life, actually. Let’s face it. We’ve all had underwear malfunctions and have been sucked into the slick world of marketing and packaging with such garments. This book chronicles the growth of Kate Little through different pairs of underwear into a new, confident woman.

[Anne] Do you have anything new in the works?

[Sandra] LOL When do I not? Right now I’m working on two historical pieces that are different as day and night. The first is a full length book set in Indianapolis in 1900. I’m halfway through right now. The second is a novella set in the Caribbean in 1865. It’s also halfway through.

[Anne] What is your writing process like? Are you a plotter or a pantster?

[Sandra] I’m definitely a plotter. I’ll do up an outline before I write anything because I like to know where I’m going and what I’m shooting for. I usually try to start writing around one in the afternoon but mostly I’m more productive in the evenings.

[Anne] If you could be anyone of your characters, which one would you chose to be and why?

[Sandra] LOL Well, I’m a lot like Kate Little in this new book, but there is always a piece of me in all my heroines. I’ve found if I can’t laugh at myself, I’m not doing something right.

[Anne] What type of books do you like to read when you’re not writing?

[Sandra] All different genres. I read like I write, across genres. It keeps my brain from getting bored.

[Anne] What advice would you give to any aspiring writers out there?

[Sandra] Don’t ever give up. You can only learn to write by constantly writing. Don’t put too much stock in other people’s opinions on your writing. Only you can know why you write and why you do it. If you don’t believe in yourself, no one else will.

[Anne] Where can we find you on the web?

[Sandra] On the front page of the site, you can connect with me on Twitter, Facebook or my blogs.

[Anne] Where can we purchase your books?

[Sandra] Wedgie Tales and Panty Lines is available through The Wild Rose Press: The digital version will be available on 8-13th. The print version is available now. You can also order an autographed copy from my site.

My other recent release (a paranormal romance with a werewolf) Vegetarian at Midnight can be purchased through Eirelander Publishing http:/// Digital version is available now. Print version will be available in September.

Here’s the blurb for Vegetarian at Midnight: Sometimes the love of meat is only the beginning of the problem.

Sophia has issues beyond being near-sighted. Bound to work for a power-hungry Portal Master for the next 90 years, her crown-shaped birthmark might set her apart, but her vegetarian lifestyle make her unforgettable. She can’t afford to be distracted by Xavier’s Adonis-like features because she knows she’ll betray him eventually.

Golden-curled, fedora-wearing Xavier’s a man with issues. Under a gypsy curse that compels him to morph into a werewolf, he wants nothing more than to convince the Portal Master to lift the blight. The only way to that exulted individual is through Sophia, but her stubbornness and fearful disposition heat his blood and annoy him at the same time.

Passions and problems collide while both Sophia and Xavier rise up to meet their destiny. Fighting a fallen angel and the Immortal Court, only the strong will come out alive.

Book video:

[Anne] Is there anything else you’d like to add?

[Sandra] Thanks for having me here today! I hope your readers will check out my two new books. I’m very excited to share them with everyone! You can read excerpts for both books on my website.


Sandra Sookoo said...

Thanks for having me here!

Carol Ann said...

Nice getting to know you, Sandra. Anne,thanks for the interview.
Sandra, question. How do you write in so many different genres? Do you find it difficult to switch from one to the other? I've tried to write anything but romantic suspense, but the suspense always creeps in! LOL.

Carol Ann Erhardt