Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I'm Guest Blogging Wednesday about Ebooks

Drop by Joy T. David's blog, and read my article on why I'm Proud to be an E-book Author. 

Then on Thursday night, you're invited to come join me in the Chat & Scavenger Hunt w/ the Sweetest Romance Authors.  The chat begins at 7pm (CST) at our chat room I’m this month’s hostess and my special guest will be author/pro editor Barbara Warren. I used Barbara’s editorial services on two of my first published books. She’s an awesome editor and author! We’ll also have our monthly scavenger hunt. The winner will receive our #1 Sweetie Award to display proudly on your blog or website. See mine.

Now here are the rules of the hunt: I’ll ask a question at some point during the chat (a really easy one) and all you have to do is answer correctly.

1) Answer will be three words.

2) Three different blogs will hide one of the words.

3) These words will be highlighted in the color red.

4) Each word links to another blog.

5) When you have all 3 words, arrange them in the correct order.

6) Last blog will return you to the chat room.

Now doesn’t that sound like fun? So be sure to come join us! Miss Mae might even have a pitcher of her Grandpappy Beauregard’s famous Lemon Brewed Elixir. WhooHoo!

And Friday, Danielle Thorne will be visiting us here on Suspense by Anne to talk about her new release, By Heart And Compass.


Charmaine Clancy said...

Love the rise of the e-book - I'll go check out the link now. :-)

Anne Patrick said...

Thanks Charmaine!

Yeah, they're really starting to take off. I just seen a post today that said some of them are outselling print books on Amazon. said...

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