Saturday, May 22, 2010

Book Signing was a success!

Today I had my first book signing in two years and sold out of books in two hours, and spent the next hour taking pre-paid orders. Wow! The book signing was hosted by the Phoebe Circle of the United Methodist Church and was held at the beautiful Coffee Loft in Garnett KS. Friends I hadn’t seen in years stopped by, and I made some new ones. I have to be honest though, I was a nervous wreck. I’m normally a pretty shy person, so to be thrust out there in the lime light, so to speak, is a pretty frightening experience. I suppose I better get used to it. I mean if you’re gonna write and sell books you have to get out there and push them, right? What is even more scary is I received two speaking engagements from it. When asked to do them my head was screaming, ‘What? No way!’ But then a little voice is saying, ‘You best say, Yes!’ The first one is next Saturday. So I have all week to fret about it.

I have to say, though, I owe the success of the book signing to my friends in the Phoebe Circle. They’re the ones that did most of the work in getting the word out and putting it all together. So thank you, ladies! Despite being a nervous wreck, I had a blast! That’s one of the great things about living in small communities. They’re very supportive of local artists. Whether you make crafts, sing, paint, or write books, they’re going to support you. Oh and the neatest thing about today, was several of the women from my former Bible Study class came. These are the ladies that inspired my (or shall I say Kinzie’s) inspirational romance, Reservations for Two, and to whom the book is dedicated. I was really hoping the book would be in print before the signing but unfortunately it wasn’t. They were happy with Lethal Dreams though. Bless their hearts. If you’re interested I’ve posted a few pics from the signing in my photo gallery on my website.

Thank you Garnett!!!

Coming up tomorrow, you get to see how big of a liar I am. Remember the “Creative Writer” Blogger Award I received earlier in the week, well tomorrow you get to find out whether or not I really did work in a pit crew and met Mark Martin and Rusty Wallace. One lucky commenter will receive one of my books. I’ll also be doing the drawing for Shawna’s book and a freshwater pearl bracelet.

Then on Monday, author Cheryl Pierson will be joining us here for an interview. She’ll be talking about her EPIC finalist novel, Fire Eyes. Along with some of her other works.

Also on Monday, I’ll be visiting Susan Whitfield’s blog to promote my new books.

Oh, and remember next week is the final week of my virtual book tour. All comments here and on my blog tour spots are eligible for my grand prize of a tote bag with several goodies, including books.


s7anna said...

Congratulations on the awesome book signing!!!


Anne Patrick said...

Thank you so much, Anna!
((hugs)) back at ya.