Monday, April 12, 2010

Robin Caroll Interview

Author Bio: Born and raised in Louisiana, Robin Caroll is a Southern through and through. Her passion has always been to tell stories to entertain others. She is the author of eleven romantic suspense novels. Robin’s books have placed/finaled in such contests as Bookseller’s Best, Book of the Year, and Reviewer’s Choice Award. When she isn’t writing, Robin spends time with her husband of twenty years, her three beautiful daughters, and their four character-filled pets at home—in the South, where else? An avid reader herself, Robin loves hearing from and chatting with other readers. Although her favorite genre to read is mystery/suspense, of course, she’ll read just about any good story. Except historicals!

[Anne] Thank so much for joining us today, Robin. How did you get started in writing? How difficult was your journey to publication?

[Robin] My mother would tell you I was writing out plays and stories from the age of 6 or 7. I’ve always written in one form or another. The best thing I ever did way back when I decided I wanted to write Christian fiction for publication was join ACFW. I received my first contract in 2006.

[Anne] Your new release, Deliver Us From Evil, sounds like an interesting read. Will you tell us a little about it?

[Robin] A beautiful yet tough woman working in a beautiful yet tough setting, Brannon Callahan is a search and rescue helicopter pilot for the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Strong faith and a decorated history of service have kept her one step ahead of on-the-job dangers, but there’s no precedent for what’s about to happen. After a blizzard takes down a small plane carrying U.S. Marshal Roark Holland (already haunted by a recent tragedy), Brannon must save him in more ways than one and safeguard the donor heart he’s transporting to a government witness on the edge of death. Otherwise the largest child trafficking ring in history—with shocking links from Thailand to Tennessee—will slip further away into darkness along the Appalachian Trail.

[Anne] Sounds great! Where did you come up with the concept for it?

[Robin] I watched a television special on child trafficking with my husband. As a mother of three daughters, I couldn’t stop the ache in my heart long after the show was over. I couldn’t get the image of these poor girls’ faces out of my mind. The horrors these children endure in their own poverty-stricken country is horrible enough, but to be brought to America and be further exploited and abused is appalling. When my outrage settled deep inside me, I knew I had to write a story about this most serious issue.

[Anne] Okay, say you have this great idea for a book, what do you do next? How much plotting do you do?

[Robin] LOL…I’m not a big plotter. I normally know the ending, whodunit and why, and I have some definite scenes that I put on index cards and post-it notes, but that’s about it. I let the story take on itself, letting the characters come alive.

[Anne] I’m with you there. It’s so much more exciting that way. In your opinion what are the most important avenues an author should take in promoting their works?

[Robin] I believe the best advertising is word of mouth…however, we must first get people to read the book in order to spread the word. Every author has a different experience in how to promote, and some work great for them, but not so much for another. I think a lot of it is trial and error, but in this day and age with the economy as it is, to think authors don’t have to promote is delusional.

[Anne] What is one of the most memorable thing’s that has happened to you since you’ve become a published author (for example: an awesome book signing or that one email you received from a reader that really made your day)?

[Robin] Hands down, response from readers. I had one that touched me deeply in that this person was spiritually moved. That’s what it’s all about!

[Anne] Indeed it is! Okay, now for a little fun! Do you have any unusual or not so unusual hobbies you’d care to tell us about?

[Robin] I scrapbook…LOVE it.

[Anne] What snack are we likely to see sitting next to your computer when you’re typing away on your next best seller?

[Robin] Tom’s Hot Fries and Dove dark chocolates with almonds and always Dr. Pepper.

[Anne] Now let’s pretend you’ve been stranded on an island somewhere in the pacific. What are three things you would miss the most?

[Robin] I’m assuming I have nothing with me? Okay, I would miss my Bible, but I think the Holy Spirit would constantly bring Scripture to my mind to soothe me, so I won’t say that. My family…my friends…and my computer! LOL

[Anne] What advice can you offer for any aspiring authors out there?

[Robin] Don’t give up, but don’t rush it either. Learn the craft, study, hone your skill.

[Anne] Where can we purchase your books?

[Robin] Everywhere! Barnes & Noble, Amazon, LifeWay, Christian Book, etc.

[Anne] And do you have a website we can visit?


[Anne] Is there anything else you’d like to add?

[Robin] This has been fun. Thank you for letting me drop in to visit.

[Anne] Glad to have you! Friends, Robin will be giving away a copy of her book to one lucky person who visits her website and signs up for her newsletter. The drawing will take place at the end of the month.


Rebecca J Vickery said...

Hi Robin and Anne,
Wow, another Dr. Pepper and chocolate addict. LOL Love your work, Robin, and this new book sounds like a must read. My reading list just keeps growing and growing.

mowriter said...

Hi, Robin and Anne! It's always fun to see what other authors have to say about their work.
Robin, your story reminds me how we need to let our humanity show through our writing. Having a real life situation propel your creativity into writing such a story makes it so much more realistic. Good luck with this and other projects. And thanks, Anne, for sharing Robin's words with us.
Dale Thompson

Gail Pallotta said...

lWhat a worthwhile subject to write about. A North Carolina native, I'm familiar with the setting with all its contradictions of awe-inspring beauty, but also treacherous and isolated. Good luck with your new book and your writing.

Anne Patrick said...

Becca, I know what you mean about our TBR growing. Mine is through the roof :-).

Dale & Gail, thanks so much for dropping by.

Miss Mae said...
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Miss Mae said...

Robin, as a gal from the hills of east Tennessee who lived amongst those glorious Smokies, I am immediately attracted to this plot line! Do you have Clingman's Dome mentioned there, or Cades Cove, or any of those overly crowded (nowadays with tourists!)areas?

Becca, when I read about her Dr. Pepper, I immediately thought about you! LOL And who can live w/o chocolate???

Laurean Brooks said...

Robin, Anne, I'm sorry I'm a day late. Anne, I overlooked your post on our loop yesterday.

I love the sound of your story, Robin. Someone has to bring these hard topics to the front to make people take notice. I'm proud of you. Like you, it tears me apart to see this on TV.

May God bless you in all your endeavors.

Oh! I'm a southerner, too. Northwest Tennessee is my locale. Like you and Anne, I also write inspirational. Hey! We're sisters in Christ! Woo-hoo!

Michele Ashman Bell said...

I agree with Rebecca. I hope I live long enough to read all the books on my reading list, because it keeps growing and growing.
Great interview.

Cathy Bryant said...

Great interview, Robin & Anne!

Robin, if you haven't had Dr. Pepper from Dublin, Texas, you should add it to your list of must-do's! The BEST DP ever!

Anne, just wanted to let you know that I've given you a blog award. You can pick it up at

Cathy =)

Shawna Williams said...

Wonderful interview! I think I gave you the same award as! I have two awards for you on my blog.

Anne Patrick said...

Thank you Cathy and Shawna. You ladies are awesome!!!