Saturday, March 13, 2010

Okay, This Is Scary!

Today I dropped by my library to pick up a book I’d ordered on the Library inter-loan system. While I was there the librarian told me about this handy new online service they have. All you have to do is sign in to the State Library System, search for the book you want, place an order, and a few days later you can pick it up at your library. Well, this evening I decided to check it out. I went on line, and put in my username and password my librarian set up for me, and up pops every book I've checked out since 2006. We're talking about books on fire investigation, poisons, murder investigations, bomb assembly, books on weapons and terrorists. What do you want wanna bet I'm not setting on a terrorist list somewhere within our federal government right now. Hummm...I see the makings of a great book here. What da ya think?

Speaking of books, check out my new book cover. Trisha FritzGerald did an awesome job! I mean she really nailed it.
Out of the Darkness is the prequel to my first book, Every Skull Tells a Story, and I’m really excited that Alex is finally going to get her story told. Here’s a short blurb:

Ex-FBI Profiler, Alex Michaels, is forced into hiding by the serial killer who murdered her twin sister and left her with a career ending injury. Meeting up with an ex-pro football player who is also facing an uncertain future, Alex makes Royce McIntire an offer he can’t refuse.

Sound intriguing? Well I’m afraid you’ll have to wait till May to find out what happens. Seeing your cover for the first time is almost as exciting as the first time you hold your book. You get all giddy and want to show it to everyone and their dog. Or maybe that’s just me : ) Anyway, I’m pretty thrilled with it and I want to thank Trisha for doing such a wonderful job. I’ve been very fortunate in landing some great editors and book cover artists. I also want to thank my readers for their support. Hearing from you is by far the biggest thrill and I really appreciate your emails and posts. Keep um coming!


Christine Young said...

While your comments are right on and a very scary when one thinks about it, who better for a sunshine award. If you want to, pass this on to twelve more bloggers and brighten someone's day.

Christine Young

Anne Patrick said...

Thank you for this lovely blog award, Christine!

Sherry Kuhn said...

That is funny about all the research books you've check out. :-)

I like the cover of "Out of the Darkness". It really does make you want to open the book and find out what's inside. Looking forward to reading it!


Martha Lawson said...

Very scary indeed!! I didn'tthink they could keep lists like that. Privacy issues and all??

Anne Patrick said...

Thanks Sherry, yeah I used to get a kick out the expression on the librarian's face when I'd pick up my requested books. Of course now they know I'm a writter so it isn't as much fun anymore.

Martha, I don't imagine just anyone can go on and look at my information, but it is there. A lot has changed since 911, more than most people realize.

Cassie Simmons said...

You are so funny! I can just see you turning this experience into a bestseller.

Love your new book cover. Can't wait to read it.

Oh and be sure to keep your eyes out for those guys in black SUV's.

Crystal Ennis said...

I really love this book cover, Anne!

And you're right about a lot changing since 911. I know the precautions are for our safety but it's a real headache to fly these days.

Congrats on your upcoming releases!

Anne Patrick said...

Thanks for your comments, Crystal & Cassie! I really appreciate you ladies!