Monday, March 22, 2010

Danielle Thorne Interview & Book Giveaway!!!

Joining us today is historical and contemporary romance author, Danielle Thorne. Danielle has also written for the Mid-West Review, Every Day Fiction, Arts and Prose Magazine, The Mississippi Crow and is the 2009-2010 Co-Chair for the New Voices Competition for young writers. She is active with online author groups such as Classic Romance Revival, and moderates for The Sweetest Romance Authors at the Coffee Time Romance boards. She lives with four sons and her husband in Atlanta, Georgia. Together they enjoy travel and the outdoors, Marching Band competition, and BSA Scouting.

[Anne] Thanks for joining us today, Danielle. Let’s begin with how you get started in writing. How difficult was your journey to publication?

[Danielle] I was fortunate to not only be an avid reader, but to have teachers who encouraged my poetry and attempts at short story writing from the time I was very young. When I won an Honorable Mention in grade school for a National Scholastic writing contest, I knew in my heart what my lifelong dream would be.

Later, I published poetry and freelance work, but novel publication was put on hold until I felt I could balance motherhood with a career attempt. I was very busy raising four boys! My third manuscript and Caribbean novel, THE PRIVATEER, had several close calls in New York for a period of over a year, until I decided to pursue the new electronic venue. Awe-struck Publishing picked it up immediately in 2007. I’ve had two books published since then, with two more due out this year.

[Anne] That is great, Danielle, congratulations! Please tell us about your latest book.

[Danielle] My latest ocean-themed romance is TURTLE SOUP. This contemporary story is about two people with hearts of gold. Jack is a marine biologist trying desperately to save the sea turtle population and Sara has just fulfilled a dream by opening her own soup deli in downtown Atlanta. They are ambitious personalities, but both have grief issues having lost loved ones in the past. It takes a lot of building up and tearing down, but Jack and Sara finally find love.

[Anne] Where did you come up with the concept for your story?

[Danielle] I have always treasured Atlanta, Georgia, years before I ever had the opportunity to live here. My father brought us down from Tennessee on business trips. When the Georgia Aquarium opened, I knew I had a wonderful setting where my sea-roving characters could come home. In addition, a snorkeling experience in St. Thomas with sea turtles was all I needed to bring the concept together. Incorporating a deli owner was simple. Besides the ocean, I love to cook, and it’s something I’ve always wanted to incorporate into a novel.

[Anne] It sounds like a wonderful story, and I love the cover. Okay, say you have this great idea for a book, what do you do next? How much plotting do you do?

[Danielle] I do a lot of daydreaming when I first get an idea for a book. Then I pound the keyboard to release the first few pages. Those opening ideas lead the way and show me which direction I want to take the story. After I let the genie out of the bottle, I settle in and outline my plot. I definitely have to write with an idea of where I am going. No panster here. My plot map is my compass. I love romance and I love adventure--intertwining the two is a fun challenge.

[Anne] In your opinion what are the most important avenues an author should take in promoting their works?

[Danielle] I think with today’s changes in our society (going digital), it’s very important to be available. Advertisements and reviews are great, but being involved with readers and related organizations, makes you “real,” and gives a novel credibility. Whether this is book signings or just socializing online and having a webpage where readers can contact you, both realms seem as important as ever.

[Anne] What is one of the most memorable thing’s that has happened to you since you’ve become a published author?

[Danielle] Probably my first perfect review. To have someone read your book, get it, and then write kind words to recommend it, is icing on the cake. Reader recommendations make the heart glow. Authors need to hear if their work is appreciated. It’s the gift (and motivation) that keeps on giving.

[Anne] Now for a little fun! Do you have any unusual or not so unusual hobbies you’d care to tell us about?

[Danielle] Actually, I do! Recently I have taken up geocaching ( I have a good friend who is a pro and she’s always willing to help me out. I’m not very good yet, but I enjoy making a “find,” plus it’s a nice way to spend time outdoors. For those who don’t know, geocaching is using a GPS and finding a hidden cache, or treasure, that someone else has hidden in a public location, leaving the coordinates to it online. It’s becoming a very popular pastime. One thing I have learned so far is I need to get better at reading maps or get a better GPS.

[Anne] You and I have talked about this before. I think it’s very fascinating and it sounds like a lot of fun. I know what I’m going to be doing this summer when I’m not writing. What snack are we likely to see sitting next to your computer when you’re typing away on your next best seller?

[Danielle] When I’m working on a first draft, I have to have something to stop and munch on. I swear I can actually feel it sparking my brain cells, lol. My favorite snacks are LAYS baked potato chips or a few pieces of chocolate.

[Anne] Now let’s pretend you’ve been stranded on an island somewhere in the Pacific. What are three things you would miss the most?

[Danielle] If I had food, shelter, and my family, not very much (grin). The three things I would probably wish for would be books, some good television like “24” or “Fringe,” and chocolate.

[Anne] Great choices!  What advice can you offer for any aspiring authors out there?

[Danielle] A rather graphic image comes to mind whenever someone asks me that. I once saw a cartoon of a frog in the mouth of a large bird. The frog looked to be a goner, but his legs were free, and wrapped tightly around the bird’s throat so that he couldn’t be swallowed. Below was the caption, “Never, never, never, quit.”

That’s all there is to it. Even if your work truly isn’t ready, the no’s will teach you something and you will get better, and you will succeed.

[Anne] Where can we purchase your books? And do you have a website we can visit?

[Danielle] Purchase option links to my books are at my website. I love having visitors stop by so I can fill them in on all the details of my releases, blogs, and share what I’ve been up to. Stop by and say hello at

For a direct link to the well-received TURTLE SOUP, visit

THE PRIVATEER NEWSLETTER is a newsletter with news, reviews, sightings, recipes, and more, that I put out monthly. Subscribers are welcome and sought for at:

[Anne] Is there anything else you’d like to add?

[Danielle] Only “thank you.” To be interviewed on your blog, having admired those of your books I have had the pleasure to read, is a real honor. It’s a wonderful opportunity to be spotlighted here. I’d also like to include the free recipe found in the back of TURTLE SOUP for you and your readers. It’s a very yummy treat. Enjoy!

Cherry Whip

1 20-ounce can of crushed pineapple
1 can of cherry pie filling
1 can of sweetened condensed milk
1 large 16-ounce container of whipped topping

Drain the pineapple. In a large bowl mix the pineapple, cherry pie filling, and sweetened condensed milk. Gently stir in the whipped topping until blended and smooth. Cover. Chill in refrigerator at least 3 hours or overnight before serving.

[Anne] Wow! That does sound yummy…and easy enough that even I could make it. Thank you for your wonderful compliments. It’s an honor to have you join us. Folks, if you haven’t read any of Danielle’s works, I encourage you to check out some of her releases. She’s a wonderfully, talented writer! And to get you started, Danielle has graciously agreed to give away a copy of Turtle Soup. For a chance to win, just leave a comment. The drawing will take place on Sunday. And remember all entries are eligible for my grand prize drawing at the end of the month.


Linda Swift said...

Hi Danielle. What a great interview. Your enthusiasm just shines through. And I've read Turtle Soup and can highly recommend it. The characters were believable, the plot kept me turning pages, and it was obvious the location and the vocation had been well researched. I wish you much succuss with this and all your books.

Linda Swift said...

Ooops, thats SUCCESS. Sorry. I seem to make up a whole new vocabulary with my careless proofing!

Miss Mae said...

What an absolutely wonderful interview! I've enjoyed learning even more about this talented writer, and lovely lady. Oh, please, please, I hope I win! LOLOL (but I promise to be a good loser, if I don't...honest! Okay, Danielle, quit hogging those LAY'S potato chips!)

Gail Pallotta said...

Hi Danielle,
What a great interview! I have Turtle Soup on my TBR list and am anxious to read it. The geocaching sounds interesting, and I imagine it can get exciting too, or at least with my mediocre sense of direction it could. Wishing you much success.

StephB said...

Anne and Dani,
What a nice interview. It was nice to get to know you a little bit better, Dani. Your passion for the sea and respect for it shines through in "Turtle Soup." You sure a busy girl with your writing and four boys! hehe


Danielle Thorne said...

Thank you all so much for stopping by! I'll try not to hog all the LAYS chips but it's hard when we're in front of the keyboard!

Patsy said...

I really enjoyed your interview, Danielle. Turtle Soup sounds pretty good. Just that little excerpt grabbed my attention and made me want to read more.

LK Hunsaker said...

Hi Danielle and Anne, enjoyed the interview. :-)

Geocaching is getting quite popular.I have friends who talk about it. Love your advice and the cartoon!

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed reading about Danielle. I am always looking for different authors to read. The book sounds really good too and I like the title

Nori said...

Loved the interview Danielle! You are an amazing many things I didn't know about you and your career. Thanks for sharing!

Laurean Brooks said...

What an enlightening interview, Anne and Dani. Geocaching is new to me. Sounds like fun. Who thinks this stuff up?

How you've managed to write while raising four boys is a mystery to me. But just goes to prove, if you want something bad enough, you can obtain. "Never, never, never give up." Love that frog illustration.

Good luck and keep using the gifts God gave you.

Diane Craver said...

Hi Danielle,
I enjoyed learning more about you. I love your cover for Turtle Soup and it sounds like a great story.

And I never heard of geocaching so that was nice to learn about it.

Thanks for the Cherry Whip recipe -sounds like something yummy for Easter dinner.

Thanks for another great interview, Anne!

Anne Patrick said...

Hi everyone! I enjoyed reading all the wonderful comments left for Danielle. She really is an amazing woman...always so cheerful and encouraging.

And I really loved her illustration and I plan to try out her recipe real soon.

Thanks for dropping by!

Martha Lawson said...

Great interview!! This book sounds really, really good. Please enter me for a chance to win it.

mlawson17 at hotmail dot com

Rebecca J Vickery said...

Hi Danielle and Anne,
Great interview and thanks for sharing. Much success in your writing.

Danielle Thorne said...

Just wanted to thank everyone for coming by. Anne and I sure appreciate your visit and your comments, too. Best of luck to the winner of the free Turtle Soup copy. I hope you enjoy it.

tzimmy said...

Wonderful interview Danielle! You are so talented. I admire your courage to create something and present it to the world! You are an amazing example of going after your dreams!I am looking forward to many new stories.

Norma said...

Hi. Turtle Soup sounds like a great story. Anything around the water, especially from someone who loves to snorkle, has got to be good. And I love the frog that will never give up!

Cassie Simmons said...

Your book sounds wonderful, Danielle. I'd love to read it. Please enter me in the drawing.

Loved the illustration too!

Margie said...

Interview has sparked my interest in the book! I'd like to read this one. And that recipes sounds good!
mtakala1 AT yahoo DOT com