Sunday, March 7, 2010

Celebrate Ebook Week & The Winner Is...

Wow, what a week! Did ya have fun? I hope you did. And I know someone who is thrilled for having taken part in March Madness…Diane Craver! She’s the winner of J.R.’s book, The Last Hour. Congratulations, Diane! I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.

Well if you haven’t heard, today is the official start of Ebook Week. To learn more about Ebook Week, visit this website: It’s very informative and fascinating.

To celebrate Ebook week, there’ll be two drawings next Sunday. That’s right! I’m giving away a free download of Every Skull Tells a Story, and you’ll also have a chance to win Predetermined Endings by Destiny Booze. She’ll be here tomorrow to discuss her books, so be sure to drop by. For a chance to win either of our books, all you have to do is comment on one of this week’s post. And remember, all comments, each week, are eligible to win my grand prize at the end of the month. If you haven’t read the details about March Madness, scroll down the page and you’ll find it. You’ll also see the questions for the scavenger hunt.

I want to thank everyone who dropped by last week. I had a blast reading all the wonderful comments and emails, and I noticed we picked up a few more followers. I want to welcome them to our family.

I appreciate you all so very much!


Diane Craver said...

Hi Anne,

I'm happy that I won J.R.'s book, The Last Hour. I'm looking forward to reading it.

Thank you! Have a great day!

Melissa D said...

I'm sorry I missed out on last weeks drawing. I hope I can win Every Skull or Destiny's book.

Leslie Carter said...

Your books really sound great. Please enter me in your drawings.

Beverly Taylor said...

I'd like to be entered to please!

Anne Patrick said...

Hi ladies! Thanks so much for dropping by. Your names have been entered in the drawing. Good luck!