Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Blog Tour for Be Mused

Today I’m thrilled to be a host for the mini-blog tour for Desert Breeze Publishing’s upcoming Be Mused Anthology. I’ll let the very talented Stephanie Burkhart, one of the authors, tell you all about it.

While the author is away, the muse will play.

I just want to say I'm excited to go on a mini-blog tour in support of the Be Mused Anthology coming out with Desert Breeze Publishing on 1 April 2010. It has five light-hearted short stories about muses, their writers, and love. My thanks to Anne for having me today and for Judah Raine for putting together this tour through Classic Romance Revival.

"Be Mused" has a great line up of authors – J. Morgan, Katie Charles, Me, Nicole Zoltack, and Sandra Sookoo. The premise of the novel is that a writer is a muse's job. Muses exist on another plane. They relax by going to bars and visiting friends. They go to muse conferences and take vacations.

J. Morgan's story "@museD" opens the anthology. Diana is an experienced muse who is assigned to L.B. Daye. The problem arises when L.B. sees Diana in the reflection of his monitor. Both Diana and L.B. freak out and L.B. gets knocked on the head and passes out. Diana stays around to make sure he's okay, but when he comes to, Diana's got a problem. What to do now that L.B. has seen her?

*grin* Just wait till you discover what L.B. stands for.

J's writing is very humorous and I smiled all the way through it. Here's an excerpt:

"What's up, girlfriend?"

Jeze took a slurp on her mango daiquiri and grinned. "The usual. Fighting an endless war against the murky snakes of ill repose."

"Are we playing poker or what?" Blaine snapped, thumping the table with a six-shooter.

"I have a writer's block to bust loose in the morning."

"Chill pill, Blaine." Jeze twisted her finger in the air and rolled her eyes. "Di Di, take this cow down so we can chat."

Blaine leaned across the table. "Yeah, Di Di, take me down."

Diana spread her cards right under Blaine's nose. "Read 'em and weep."

"Three flipping queens!" The other muse snorted and twisted her nose up like Diana had put a hunk of Limburger under her face.


If you post on the blog today, I'll be picking two names out of a hat to win an autographed postcard with the "Be Mused" cover on it, signed by me.

I'll also be offering a grand prize gift bag of "Be Mused" products including a coffee mug, mouse pad, magnet, and autographed postcard to my blog tour winner. In order to qualify for the prize, you have to post on all the blogs in the tour. The prize winner will be announced on 10 April. (I go on vacation from 4-9 April)

"Be Mused" will be available in ebook format at the Desert Breeze Website, All Romance books, and on Amazon for the Kindle 1 APRIL 2010.

Desert Breeze:


Maggie Toussaint said...

Sounds like your anthology is a hoot, Steph. I enjoyed the poker game excerpt. And loved the pic of you. Curls, huh?

LK Hunsaker said...

Muses playing poker ... not a sight one sees every day. ;-)

StephB said...

Maggie my curls are a curse or cute depending on my mood. That pic was taken at the LA county fair last year. Loraine, J's writing is very humorous - I love he makes one smile.


Danielle Thorne said...

Sounds like a wonderful collection from a group of authors that I have read AND enjoyed. I'm sure it will do very well!

sanjeet said...

I love he makes one smile.
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