Friday, January 15, 2010

Character Interview with Princess Tara from Dark Alliance

Princess Tara is the daughter of King Edward of Gautier, and is heir presumptive to the crown. The small country of Gautier is located on the Atlantic Ocean, between North America and France. The princess is here in the states trying to find answers from her past with the help of her good friend, Scott Humphreys. Welcome, Princess!

[Princess Tara removes her baseball cap and sunglasses she’s been wearing to conceal her identity and takes a seat on the sofa] “Thank you, Anne. It’s my pleasure to be here.”

Anne: “Forgive me for my informality. I’ve never interviewed royalty before.”

Tara: “Don’t be silly. I detest formality. Just ask my father.” [Tara tosses Anne a mischievous grin]

Anne: “Would you care for a brownie, Tara? Ummm it is okay if I call you by your first name…I mean since we’re being informal.”

Tara: “Of course. And I would love a brownie. Thank you.” [Tara carefully removes one from the plate and takes a bite] “Delicious!”

Anne: *Big grin* “Thanks! I appreciate the compliment. I’m not really known for my cooking skills.”

Tara: “Neither am I.”

Anne: “I’m surprised you even cook. If I had servants, I sure wouldn’t.”

Tara: “On this adventure, I do a lot of things I don’t normally do.”

Anne: “Hmmm…Intriguing comment. Though I’m tempted, I won’t go there just yet. Instead, please tell us what a day in the life of a princess is like.”

Tara: “Normally I would be kept to a tight schedule of meetings, fund raisers…whatever my father’s advisors request of me. They’re all part of my royal duties. They’re grooming me to be queen some day.”

Anne: “You said normally. What have you been up to lately?”

Tara: “For the past several months I’ve been away from court on a holiday.”

Anne: “Holiday huh?”

[Tara grins] At least that is what my father thinks. In reality, I’ve been working with Scott, a former New York policeman, to find the answers behind my brother’s abduction fifteen years ago.

Anne: “I’m so sorry about your brother. Have you been able to come up with any answers to his disappearance?”

Tara: “Going on the original reports from my own government’s investigation, we came up with the name Diablo Lazario, who at one time had been a suspect. With some research and a couple of inside tips through government channels, we were able to learn Lazario has a son living in the state of Virginia.”

Anne: “I hear Scott has brought in some help in the form of a bodyguard. I happened to catch sight of him out in the hallway. He’s very good looking.”

[Tara makes a huffing sound as she sets her empty plate aside] “His looks are all he has going for him. He’s a beast of a man! I would have demanded his dismissal if he hadn’t recently saved my life.”

Anne: “Oh my! What happened?”

Tara: “I’d rather not say. It was all very disturbing. I don’t like to talk about it. Besides, if my father were to find out my true whereabouts, he would demand I return to Gautier and I would have to give up my search.”

Anne: “I understand.”

The door opened and the man Anne had seen in the hallway stepped in. Gorgeous locks of brown hair curled along the collar of his dress shirt. He was well over six feet tall and had the muscled physic of a football player. A pair of stunning emerald eyes looked at Anne. “Sorry for the interruption,” he said before turning to Tara. “Marcus just called. The plane is fueled and ready for takeoff.”

Tara: “Fine. I’ll be out in a minute. Please close the door on your way out.”

[Instead of leaving, he offered his hand to Anne] “Alex Girard. Are those brownies I see there?”

[Anne reluctantly withdrew her hand from his and picked up the plate] “Take as many as you like.”

[Tara gasped] “I don’t believe this. You have the manners of a baboon.” [She got up from the sofa and walked over to Anne.] “I should probably be going. We have a lot of work to do.”

[Anne shook her hand] “It was a pleasure meeting you. You’re as lovely as your photographs in the tabloids.”

[Tara smiled] “Thank you.” [She then turned to Alex] “I’ll be waiting in the limo.”

Alex: “She’s a pain in the royal ass if you ask me. I’ve been in war zones that were more pleasant than this assignment.”

“I heard that,” Tara shouted over her shoulder.

[Alex rolled his eyes] “I better get going before she leaves without me. Thanks for the brownies.”

Anne: “You’re welcome. I hope Tara is able to find the answers she’s searching for.”

Alex: “She will, if I can keep her alive long enough.”

I hope you’ve enjoyed Tara’s interview. Dark Alliance is a coming-of-age story of a young woman who’s unsure of herself or her ability to someday rule her country. It’s a love story of two complete opposites coming together to uncover an intricate plot of murder and revenge. And it’s about a father and daughters struggle to overcome the past, to rid themselves of the animosity and resentment that has kept them apart for fifteen years while living in the same monarchy that has brought them both pleasure and heartache. Join Tara and Alex on their journey to discover the truth...and maybe find true love along the way.

Dark Alliance is now available from Wings ePress in print or ebook. I hope you’ll pick up a copy!


Laurean Brooks said...

"The mannners of a baboon?" I'm still laughing.

Love your characters, Anne. Fighting like cats and dogs keeps the story exciting.

Great interview!

Miss Mae said...

So...*cough...*ahem...Alex, Miss Mae keeps a priceless family heirloom of a special sort of recipe that must be protected at all costs...Are you available? *flutters lashes*

Wonderful interview, Anne! And congrats on the release! :)

Alex Girard said...

Miss Mae,
Anne has mentioned your family heirloom and tells me it is quite valuable *winks*. I’ve never been able to turn down a damsel in distress so I’d be happy to guard you and your…ahem…special recipe, once I complete my assignment. You can cook can’t you? Of course you can, you’re a southern lass.

Anne Patrick said...

Now Alex you told me you'd behave yourself if I let you post and here you are flirting with my friends. Geez!

Thanks your comment, Laurie. Glad you liked the dialogue. They are quite a pair.

Thank you both for dropping by!

Anne Patrick said...

Correction: Thanks for your comment, Laurie.

Geez, you'd think I was the one guarding the special recipe. In all honesty Alex had me a bit flustered. Whew!

Miss Mae said...

Oooh, Alex, may I present my fan? *whisper*...look carefully, my number is penciled between the first two folds...

Miss Mae sashays down the magnolia lined sidewalk, leaving a trail of enticing scented blooms behind...

Alex Girard said...

Now that my friends is a lady! Tara, you could take some lessons from this woman. *Lifts Miss Mae's fan to his nose and inhales the heavenly scent...before tucking it into his back pocket*

Cindy Weber said...

LOL The comments are just as intertaining as the interview!

Sounds like another winner, Anne! Congratulations!

Cassie Simmons said...

I just got an email from you, Anne, telling me I won the scavenger hunt drawing for a copy of this book. I'm so thrilled. Thank you!

Anne Patrick said...

You're welcome, Cassie. Enjoy!

Thank you, Cindy. Thought I'd try something a little different. Who knows, maybe I can talk Alex into doing an interview too.

irenejacobsonrn said...

I don't know how I missed this interview. I must have been in a hurry.

Now Miss Mae if you can't talk Alex into helping you guard your family recipe I'd be happy to. I seem to recall having a snort or two of it back when Anne had her big party. Yup...that's some good stuff. I don't blame you for wanting a bodyguard around.

Sorry I missed out on your scavenger hunt, Anne. I didn't even know you were having one. You snuck one in on me.