Friday, December 25, 2009

A White Christmas & The Winners Are...

The winner of my Christmas drawing at Seeing is Believing is Miss Mae, and the winner from my Facebook drawing is Cassie Simmons. Congratulations ladies!!!

Well I wasn't dreaming of one, but I got a White Christmas anyway. Not a lot, only about six or seven inches...just enough to mess up my plans of going out of town. The snow I can handle, the cold I can do without. We're talking a high of 18. Buuur! So what did I do on this snowy Christmas day? I joined my neighbors in a 'Snowed-In Party' of course. Good food & good can't beat it. One of the best things about Christmas, besides celebrating of the birth of Jesus and the great food and company, is all the wonderful Christmas stories on TV. I laughed & cried watching Marley and I just laughed watching the Christmas Story for the umteenth time. Oh and I also made some video's. The one below is of my babies, Zoe and Sailor.

I also made some of my mission trips. You can see them on my Author's Page. They're much longer though - approx ten to twelve minutes each. On the writing front, I received my galley for Dark Alliance this week and got it edited and sent back. It's scheduled to be released in Jan. I'm still waiting to hear back on my Silencing Evil manuscript. And I have two WIP's I'm still trying to finish. I was hoping to get the first drafts done by the first of the year but unless I get busy I don't think I'm going to make it.

On a final note, be sure to drop by Monday. I'll be interviewing author, Chelle Cordero. Then on Thursday, author Vickie Hopkins will be guest blogging about her new website, Janes of Romance. Until then, enjoy the rest of your holiday weekend. As for me, hopefully the weather will be clear enough for me to hit the road tomorrow so I can spend time with family. Be safe and stay warm my friends!


Miss Mae said...

I'm so excited to win! Thank you! :)

Chelle Cordero said...

I am really looking forward to guesting here on Monday, thanks!

I just ooh'd and ahh'd at your video of Zoe & Sailor, they are both beautiful.

Hope you managed to get on the road and the balance of your holidays are great.

Anne Patrick said...

I'm glad you and Cassie won MM and I hope you'll enjoy the books.

Thanks Chelle. They make great housemates. And yes, I was able to visit family on Sat. We had a wonderful time.

marcusdweston said...

I was sorry to hear you got snowed in at Christmas, but am glad you were able to celebrate with your neighbors.

I love your video of Zoe and Sailor. They are so cute!