Monday, September 21, 2009

I’m back in my Fantasy World

The Do Not Disturb sign is back on the door, the phone is unplugged, the cell phone is turned off, I have a fresh bag of Sunflower Seeds and two twelve packs of Diet Coke. Now the only problem is which WIP to dive into, my Romance with a dash of mystery or my Romantic Suspense/Thriller. According to one of my friends I need to stick to the Romantic Suspense/Thrillers. “Don’t get me wrong. I loved the story, but I liked your others better. When I think of you I think murder and mayhem.”

I wasn’t quite sure how to take that, but I know she meant well. And I have to admit, she is right. I’m the last person you’d want to call for advice on how to get back with your boyfriend. Now if you want to know how to murder someone or how to track down a serial killer I’m the gal to ask. Scary isn’t it?

Anyway, I’m ¾ of the way through my Romance/Mystery and I really want to get it finished, but I’m half way through my Romantic Suspense/Thriller and the characters have been bugging the heck out of me to get back to their story. So….it looks like they’re up to bat. I seldom work on more than one project at a time and this is why. There just isn’t enough hours in the day! I also have a weekend road trip coming up and I know I won’t get much writing done on it. I’m taking my laptop just the same. My fellow travelers will have to sleep sometime. Hee…hee…hee!

I’ve also sent off another submission. I had sent it to one publisher but after three months haven’t heard anything so I sent it to another. Did I ever mention I’m impatient? Hey, three to four months is the general response time on a full manuscript or at least it’s all I’m willing to wait I should say. I have four other full manuscripts out that I’m still waiting to hear back on and I’m running out of nails to chew on. Hopefully I’ll hear from them soon. In the meantime, it’s back to work. Oh, and if you haven’t picked up a copy of my latest release, Journey to Redemption, here’s the buy link from my publisher. And it’s available on Amazon Kindle. So pick up your copy today!


Al said...

Isn't it nasty of those characters of yours to keep bugging you like that?
I know mine get damn noisy when I get distracted by little things like trying to get my other novel edited and submitted.
Some one should shoot them for me..,
Oh wait a minute I'm the author I guess that's my job

Anne Patrick said...

That's hilarious Al! Yes, they are pesky little burgers. Don't they know the torment we can put them through with just a few strokes of the keys. Geez, you'd think they'd learn.

Mary Beth said...

Hi Anne. I just finished reading Journey to Redemption. I loved it! I read it almost in one setting it was so engaging. Thanks for another great read.

Anne Patrick said...

Hi Mary Beth, I'm so glad you enjoyed it. Thanks so much for dropping by.

Ban said...

Yep, looking forward to reading it myself. If it's half as good as ESTAS then you'll have me hooked - and from what I hear, it's even better !
Good luck with the 'un-interrupted' writing. Unfortunately, a sign and muted phones wouldn't save me :(

Anne Patrick said...

THANKS BAN! What a nice compliment. The writing is going well, I've gotten two more chapters done...WooHoo! I'm a walking zombie at my day job but oh well. They're used to it by now. Hope all is well with you and your little ones. Thanks for dropping by.