Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Every Skull Tells a Story Review

To read the latest review of my current novel in print please check out Martha's Bookshelf. I am so tickled with the response this review has gotten. Thank you everyone who has posted here, on Martha's blog, and at SaSR. I especailly want to thank my wonderful friends over at the Sweetest Romance Yahoo Group. If you haven't checked out our new blog, buzz on over and have a look. And be sure and sign up for our newsletter! Again, thank you all for your wonderful comments and well wishes. YOU'RE THE GREATEST!!!


Mary Beth said...

Great review, Anne, and she's right!

Mary Beth

MarthaE said...

Thanks for a really enjoyable read Anne! Looking forward to reading more of your books! :)

Ban said...

Wonderful review & I agree with everything she said ... For various reasons, I've decieded not to do reviews on my site but I very much enjoyed your book. It was a big relief knowing I could read a romance without getting slammed with tons of graphic sex. The suspence and romance were perfectly balanced and the faith issues were handled naturally with not touch of 'preaching'. Thank you for such a great read !

Anne Patrick said...

Thank you ladies! You've all just made my day. I'm so gladd you all enjoyed the story.

Cindy Weber said...

Congrats Anne! I bet you're doing your happy dance:)Cheers to you sweetie. I'm real happy for you.

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